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WHERE to find a 1996 T4 Westfalia clutch?



Pennsylvania USA
T4 PopTop
Hello! I own a T4 Westfalia, and my garage says it needs a new clutch assembly. However, being in the US with a VW with an international VIN (WV2PE0701SH063880) seems to leave the garage (a VW dealership!) confused as to where to find the right part.

I am not mechanical, so please forgive if I butcher the vocabulary on this. They tell me that they ordered the part from Germany but because of the "weird" VIN, they were unsure which part number to order. Now, they tell me the part finally arrived, but they've been spending the "last week or so" trying to find a flywheel that will fit it. They say they are sure the clutch will "match up" but the flywheel is different. They are now bringing in a series of flywheels from VWs to see what fits.

Sounds to me like they ordered the wrong clutch assembly to begin with, and now they are trying to create a Frankenclutch...which may work, but honestly.

Does anybody have a resource my garage can call to order the correct part? I think it might be worth waiting to get the right part.

Also, my understanding is that a T4 Westfalia is just the same as a T4, so this should not be all that difficult. But the garage says that this particular vintage is somewhat transitional and has parts from T3 in the mix, that it is not that simple.

Eager for any wisdom from you all!!!! Thank you very much!