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VW California 2 Section Bunk Ladder

Campervanbits VW California 2 Section Bunk Ladder

(24 customer reviews)

£139.99 Inc VAT

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Campervanbits VW California 2 section bunk ladder

Gives you easy access to the upper bed without the need to climb on the front cab seats, the ladder coming in two compact sections is very easy to store in your California with its storage bag that it comes with. The storage bag comes with straps that allow you to hang on the rear seat headrest.

  • 5 rungs
  • Aluminum construction
  • Easily attached to the rear bench seat when not in use
  • Can also be used outside the vehicle to reach roof bars, roof box etc…
  • Width: 30 cm
  • Length when folded: 78 cm and full length: 150 cm
  • Weight only 2.3 kg
  • Included in package: 2 section ladder & Storage bag

First item reviewed in the video below is the ladder.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 3.500 kg
Dimensions 40 × 13 × 98 cm



Campervanbits designs specialist products for VW California campervans, Mercedes campervans, and many others to make camping life better.
Reviews (24)

24 reviews for Campervanbits VW California 2 Section Bunk Ladder

  1. Nick Hurman (verified owner)

    So we purchased this originally as my wife had broken her arm after slipping on ice during the winter and wasn’t able to lift herself up onto the top bunk unaided. But she likes it so much, it’s now a permanent fixture in our Cali as she finds it much easier – being just under 5′ – to climb up and down (and saves climbing on the front seats).

    Some points we like particularly …

    1. The carry pack that keeps it tidy and allows you to stow it hung over the back of the rear bench on our Ocean
    2. The two piece construction means it stows easily, yet only takes a couple of seconds to put together.
    3. It’s light but absolutely rigid (being made of aluminium) and shows no bend/deflection even with my 95KG on the rungs
    4. You can use it without having to swivel the front seats – you can slot it between the front seat backs to get up top if you need to
    5. You can still use it with the bottom bed pulled out to sleep on
    6. It’s got a secure hook on the top to latch onto the pop up roof hatch surround

    and finally … the price: which feels a good deal more affordable than those available from Germany!

    So overall, we are very happy with it – 5 stars for us.

  2. James (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and easy to store. Even comes with a storage bag which can be looped around rear headrests. Makes life so much easier when climbing upstairs.

  3. David Williams (verified owner)

    This is useful but not great. It doesn’t seem to be designed for the Cali. With the feet level on the floor, the top of the ladder sits 5 cm above the roof opening surround. Also, the shape of the top of the ladder bears no resemblance to the shape of the roof opening surround that it’s supposed to hook in to. Pretty poor for the price.

  4. Christopher (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, superb quality. Great service. Product has transformed the ease of going up to bed.

  5. taylortowers6 (verified owner)

    I have just received the ladders and as with other reviews i agree that the quality is great, storage bag great but we have just got back from a couple of nights away to try them out and they dont hook onto the rail in our new 2018 ocean. Has anyone else experienced this or can advise if we are missing something please .
    Only rated a 3 as I can’t use them .😑

  6. andywhite69 (verified owner)

    Just tried our ladder for first time in our 2017 Beach as well and agree with last post – there is nowhere to secure the top to!!

  7. steve10 (verified owner)

    Very happy, went away to Wales the weekend tried it out pretty cool….Can get the missus up there now!!!

  8. Liz Strudley (verified owner)

    Good Quality, easy to put together (slightly stiff to separate) great size to fit between chair and to store behind rear seats. Strong bag and able to get up and down from upper bed so much more elegantly and without damage to front seat. A great addition.

  9. steve12 (verified owner)

    Similar thoughts as to everyone else. Product is sturdy, storage bag a good idea, but there is no way I am drilling any holes into a £65k van just to fix a step ladder to the roof.

  10. andrewpeterwilkinson (verified owner)

    Great product but still awaiting a new case as the packaging was so flimsy it was damaged when delivered. The zip is unusable as a result. Will see if the new case arrives.

  11. Alan Greensall (verified owner)

    I bought this ladder to save abuse of the seats. I very much agree with the last review but with a few additional comments
    The carry pack that keeps it tidy and allows you to stow it hung over the back of the rear bench but is as cheap and flimsy as it could possibly be. A canvas bag would have been better especially when considering the price being charged.
    It’s light but absolutely rigid (being made of aluminium) but it would have been good if the two sections were hinged instead of separate.
    I understand that this is for a niche market, but the price is excessive when compared to what could be bought in B&Q for the same amount of money. BTW there is nothing that can do this job so hence I did buy the ladder from here.

  12. Brendan Killeavy (verified owner)

    Very nice ladder, dropped one star simply because of the high price. Yes I know it’s all about supply and demand and there is nothing else out there but surely some one can come up with acceptable ladder for under £100 and still make a tidy profit!
    The positives, the quality is excellent, it fits perfectly between the two front seats and contrary to others that did not feel the need to use fitting kit or screw into the body, have you not heard of self adhesive hook pads, worked a treat as it is not actually taking any weight, just holding it in position and prevents it from slipping. The bag is good quality, would have been nice if it was hinged rather than two piece, but not a big issue
    All in all very satisfied. Come on Cali club face the price challenge. And you,l more than make up the margin on extra volumes

  13. David Platt (verified owner)

    Ladder great. Works a treat. Unfortunately did not receive the fixing kit yet , so can’t comment. But the ladder holding bag is of poor quality and needs rethinking. This is a good product but expensive for what it is and the bag let’s it down.

  14. (verified owner)

    Good quality item and fits perfectly between the seats. The top moulding does not align or bare resemblance to where it rests. Is there supposed to be a fitting kit?

  15. david_j_ashcroft (verified owner)

    We bought this because we broke a armrest using that to climb up top ! A new armrest from VW cost us £162 so, compared to another one of those, this ladder is a bargain!
    Excellent product, light, good quality and easy to use. Stores easily in its bag and takes up very little room.
    It doesn’t attach positively at the top which is a little concerning however, it seems to function ok in any case.

  16. David Garland (verified owner)

    This ladder seems expensive for what it is but it does seem to be good quality. It fits (almost)perfectly in our Cali Ocean without having to turn the seats around. The two sections fit together easily and there is no flex. The hook at the top is perfectly adequate but does not clip or hook onto the roof surround so it is perhaps not specifically made for this vehicle. The included bag fits well slung behind the headrests on the rear bench seat. Time will tell, but the bag does not seem to be of particularly good quality and although the ladder is easy to take out I don’t seem to have the knack of getting it back into the bag very easily – more practice needed. Overall I am very pleased with the purchase and it does make it much easier to get up into the roof space without having to clamber over the seats.

  17. dbeggs1 (verified owner)

    I have a 2017 Cali Ocean. This ladders hooks/fittings at the top dont fit so surprised it can be sold as for the Cali. It’s well made, goes together well but not fit for purpose as top can slide about as not fixed to anything

  18. Mike Sutcliffe (verified owner)

    Good quality ladder but surprised, like so many others, it doesn’t clip into the roof line. The fact it’s jammed between the front seats keeps it secure for us though. It’s definitely going to make access to the roof space easier.

  19. Sam Luke (verified owner)

    The ladder is excellent as it splits into two so it will fit in the back. The bag that it comes in is useless. The zip doesnt work on ours and I am going to ask for a replacement. The rubber feet come off so I recommend that you use some silver gaffer tape to make sure that they stay on. I have not found any suitable alternatives to this so am going to live with the shortcomings.

  20. Peter Guiton (verified owner)

    I purchased this product recently, it is very well made , sturdy and works well. I would advise people to order as it makes live easier getting up to the Pop top and not ruining the Seats trying to climb up

  21. Jacqueline Egan (verified owner)

    This ladder is perfect for my T5 can get up and down very easily, price was quite high but still happy I bought it comes in a good carry case

  22. Anthony Jones (verified owner)

    This was purchased for my T6.1 it fits between the front seats perfectly. No fitting kit was supplied, but I wouldn’t want it fitted. I am continually moving it when in way.
    Getting up and down now is so easy and the ladder is steady enough unfixed.
    The ladder is surprisingly light and compact for such a robust item . I am very happy with it. One improvement I would offer is to have two screws to stop the two half’s separating. (I may drill and tap for two 4mm) screws.
    I store mine on the backs of the rear seats (inside) I have no spare storage space in the rear. The supplied straps were not long enough to reach round the headrests – I had to extend. The storage bag is thin and soft enough to stay in position and not get in the way.
    It is a premium item, but it’ is the perfect size and weight – a must have I would say despite the cost

  23. Tim Balston (verified owner)

    Disappointing for the cost. My ladder arrived with sharp, unfinished edges where the sections had been cut. These had cut through the bag during transit which itself is a poor quality item. Bag replaced by the shop and I filed the sharp edges off to fettle them properly but this isn’t good enough.
    However the ladder is light, fits nicely between the front seats and is easy to use.

  24. Kim Menzies (verified owner)

    Wonderful piece of kit especially if like me you are getting on in years, you will wonder how you ever managed without it . The ability to reduce it to two pieces and store it from the rear headrests is a bonus, not cheap to buy but it saves you ruining your seats and armrests.

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Campervanbits VW California 2 Section Bunk Ladder

£139.99 Inc VAT

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