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2023 t6.1 auxillary heater on/off with app ?



T6 Beach 4Motion
Hi all, I heard its possible to activate the T6.1 parking heater after year 2022 with the vw app but I can't find the option on my vw app. generally i think the app is crap so it might be in a weird section.

Anyone managed to do this?

Use of the normal remote isn't an option due to signal blocking .
We've got a 2024 build Ocean and I can't find any option to control the parking heater in either the "Cali on Tour" or "Volkswagen" apps.

So far, the only useful thing I have found in the Cali on Tour App is the ability to control all the internal lighting. Handy if we've climbed up to the roof bed and forgotten to switch the lights off downstairs. Just have to remember to take my phone up their in the 1st place!!!!

It would be useful to be able to control the heating from the Cali on Tour app as well, so the temperature could be adjusted from the upper bunk. Easier than reaching over to the control panel, although not the end of the world to do so.

Long distance remote control through the Volkswagen App would also be handy to switch on the heating in advance of returning from a long walk etc. I know you can set a departure time on the control panel which is great if you know roughly when you will be back.
OK so it's mot just me, good to know! On my T6 I had a denhag control unit and that worked perfectly! Unfortunately the T6 unit can't be used on the T6.1 so a new controller needed.