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Buying a new California T6.1 Coast with options or special Edition?



Looking to buy
Good morning all!

I have two quotes for a new T6.1. One is for a Coast with all the options I would like on it (e.g. parking heater, LED headlights, digital cockpit, 17'' chassis, etc...) and the other quote is for a Cost Edition Pack with fewer add-ons (a lot of my chosen options are already standard on a Coast Edition Pack). For the german speaker, you can see the coast edition here:":"/+/3"}#CONFIGURE.

For very similar specs, the quote with the Coast edition pack is £1200 more expensive than the quote with the regular Coast. I don't really want to pay extra money for fancy stickers, a black roof and some options that are not essential for me. However, I was wondering if the resell value of the vehicle would be higher because it is a special edition? Any thought on that?

Screenshot 2020-06-09 at 10.44.27.png
Are you in the UK and is this RH drive?
I am in UK and it would be a left hand drive.
I would not mind reselling it in France or Spain (our families are living there). It was just to have an idea of what would be the best strategy...
I thought that at least in the UK, a highly specced Coast is an expensive as an Ocean. If (IF) that was the case on the Continent, and residual value is important, that may be a bigger consideration than the one illustrated.

Regarding the direct question, added extras seem to be worth little at resale, particularly if selling to a dealer. Although they would make it stand out in a group of similar private ads.
My guess is the Edition model would hold its value better, as they all started with the higher list price, vs the standard van plus extras which will get grouped with lower specced vans.
Just me or do the new Edition side stripes look a bit amateurish/poor aftermarket compared to the old ones?