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Fridge glass lid loose



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Stourbridge, West Midlands

While at cotf the screw holding the gas strut too the fridge lid fell out, after much hunting for the screw and washer :? Which we found I thought easy job to fix so save a trip to VW I would do it myself. Very easy fix tbh but while doing it i noticed that the glass lid was loose where it connects into the silver metal hinge :doh trip to VW anyway now.

So while passing VW Coventry today I popped in to state my case, the dealer was great and its on order ( so that will be another 80mile round trip ) next week to fit.

The strange thing is the dealer said he had had 3 Cali owners in this week with the exact same problem :eek:

Anybody else had this ?


hi Steve

Not quite the same problem, but this weekend the whole glass lid came unstuck from the plastic fridge lid beneath. I am glad to hear taking off the gas strut is easy as I have to do this to attempt to re-glue the lid.

Just had the same problem with my insulated top coming unstuck from the bottom of the glass lid. Used Evostick sealant (strong one which bonds glass, metal etc) to stick it back up and it's stayed in place so far. At the same time the glass lid has come unstuck from the metal hinge so that's the next job.
I don't suppose it was the end of the gas strut that attaches to the lid? That screw has just worked loose and I can't see a way to refit it! The screw head is the side of the cupboard, or can the metal cap be removed to allow access to that end?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, My screw at the end of the strut did exactly the same, I took it to Breeze in Portsmouth and they repaired it. I couldn't see how to do it as its so near the wardrobe. It was done under the warranty though.