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Heater Queries



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Just returned from a trip to Scotland. As it was quite cold in Aviemore ( -4C on one morning) I used the heater for the first time.
I noticed two things which caused minor concern and I wondered whether anyone else had experienced similar problems.
The first issue was a minor and short lived smell of diesel on the heater starting up. This seemed to happen each time I switched the heater on after it had been switched off for a few hours. This smell quickly disappeared after the heater had been working for a while and did not reappear during a sustained period of heater operation, only reappearing the next time the heater was started after a period of it being switched off. Should I be concerned ?
The second issue was a ticking noise - similar to that experienced when a central heating pipe is a bit loose and moves as the system heats up or cools down. Again, should I be concerned by this ?

Any thoughts / experiences would help me to determine whether I should be bothering my dealer with warranty issues.
Both your experiences are normal I'm afraid mine does give off a little diesel smell to start with
And the ticking is annoying but normal :thumb
Thanks Kev.

Although I am reassured, I am still a little miffed that these niggles affect my expensive ( but much loved ) van.
The ticking is the pump supplying diesel to the heater unit. As kev says annoying but normal.
Ticking noise normal unless the pump is at the wrong angle, which could mean you could get air in which would make the tick louder.... 15 degree's is the correct angle.... But it should be fine :D
Been looking at new Cali in showroom today. Asked for a demo of the heater.
The smell was quite noticeable.
The salesman said it only applies when you use it the first 2 or 3 times and after that it disappears!
hmm, wonder if he has ever used one as a camper?