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Help pop up roof



T5 SE 180
help stuck in the south of France ( nice for some!)with our pop roof working intermittently. Firstly travelling down the motorway with the roof clearly closed we had warning alarms telling us the roof was open. The roof would not operate. On reaching the campsite the roof raised without a problem until the next day when it would not close. Called out assist ( very good) but they could not help although the roof raised and lowered no problem(typical) the roof is now closed!! Any suggestions grape artfully accepted. Nick
Welcome ,
again a fresh member crying for help ....
If you don't get a VW mecanic with Caliknowledge it is pretty unuseful calling assistance imo. you just get more frustrated when they can't help you ...
Find a VW dealer who does Cali's .

Could be diffrent kind off things : control unit , sensors , or mecanic.
If you where 100% sure the roof was propperly closed , it is very strange.
Try reset the contol panel and test things .
Hope you sort things out , keep us posted.
Thank you for your replies, I think I'll keep the roof closed and wait until we get back to uk. The nearest Cali dealer to us here is 90 km away and they can fit us in in a week to look at it !! Thanks again nick
When you put the roof up, wait until the tone changes significantly (no rush, wait until you are sure) and then take your finger off. It then sorts itself out. Is that what you do?
Similar on the way down.
Don't know if it will help, but hope so.
Yes thank you, I always wait until the buzzing stops before I take my finger off the button. Nick

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