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How often do you wash your Cali?

Heavy rain and wind forecast for today so I took advantage of the free rinse in rainwater by giving my Cali a good wash. The first for a couple of months.
Amused a few neighbours, as it usually does, but there will be no hard water streaking, the guano from the local seagulls came off very easily and I dry out quickly in front of a good fire with a cup of tea.
I wash in the cali in the rain too but only because it rains so much here there little choice !
Bit harsh. It improves if you read it with a Librarian's nasal head voice.
Haha "Nostrils/claw" as my sister calls it, where you illustrate your nasal point with a clawed hand
Anyone got any suggestions how I get rid of this? Possibly caused by sun cream. I polished it off last year but it came back after a week. Is there a clay I should use?
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Eraser method (!?) then T Cut x3 then rinse, snowed, rinsed, washed, rinsed and then wax polished door only x5. Going away Friday so will see if it returns.
The bit that looks cloudy still, that’s a cloud!
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Bought some gear and snowed the Golf as a practice for the van.
View attachment 77728Both van and Golf are 13 years old and get washed occasionally and waxed maybe every 3 years.
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View attachment 77726The snow got about 70% off I think but the grime is tree and bird related so I guess that isn’t too bad. I did the 2 bucket method with mitt but didn’t have a grit guard. I think the main failure was my snow mix seemed too thin so I’m glad I practiced that. Double next time 2 to 5 not 1 to 5 I reckon.
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LambethCali, hello, I just discovered BiltH but not bought yet - what do you think please?
LambethCali, hello, I just discovered BiltH but not bought yet - what do you think please?
I used it a bit thicker today and it seemed to wash pretty good. It’s a massive bottle and I think was about £25 so it seemed fine to use a bit more. I’ve not used anything before so nothing to compare it with but it had good reviews. Van does look very shiny now.
I used Karcher jet wash with the snow attachment.
Squished flies..
Had to wash van and polish bonnet.
Difficult to get off and if you leave them too long, like bird droppings, they can mark the paint.

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