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How to replace the sliding window on the kitchen side

Thanks so much for replying. What glue did you attach it with?

Taking the locking mechanism out is the bit that scares me most as worried I will crack the plastic bits or not be able to put them back on. Was rather hoping I could remove window without. Oh well .

Pleased your water tight still!
I didn’t find the locking mechanism very hard to dismantle. Mine was broken from the beginning so i had to replace it.anyway. Found a set on Amazon, which included the 4 pins for the sliding window. Bargain price. I’ve read somewhere that they can cause the window not to tighten enough because they get worn out.

A complete new window set for the kitchen side including the sliding window last time I checked was about 900€.
Can you tell med where you got the working rubber seal from? I am so tired of my leaking window.
I’m sorry but I don’t remember. I think the link is in one of my previous postings above.