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Iphones and IOS11 - just about had enough



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Hi Everyone

I need space to rant a bit I think.

I've been a long term iPhone user, my first was a 3GS and over the years I've had a 4S, 5S and now a 7 (it's a year old) and generally they have just worked, been reliable and nice to use.

I am a techie at heart but have always liked the simplicity of the iPhone and the quality of it. Over the years I've tried a few androids for a month or two (work phone) and always end up going back to my trusty work iPhone 6.

And then IOS11 came along. What an abomination. I don't think I've ever seen an IOS as buggy as this before and this (and a few other things) are making me seriously question my next potential phone.

For example

IOS11 bugs/annoyances - camera sometimes starts upside down with some of buttons then upside down despite the rest being the right way up, battery (since update) has a mind of it's own going from 50% to 1% in 5 minutes sometimes, overlapping text on buttons/shoddy iOS development, more screen taps to do the same things as previously, phone is now slower generally (as always happens with IOS updates).

Then thinking wider, Apple really are a bunch of crooks and these days, for no good reason. Look at the iPhone X - £1000 for a phone, which doesn't seem that special? I may be getting older and more sensible but nothing about the iPhone X is screaming to me that I need to have it, not like the days of old with iPhones where they were massive steps between them. What is so good about it that I would want to drop a grand on one? Apple taking the Michael.

Then there is Apple not approving Google Maps for use with CarPlay, so it can push its own (not the best) Apple Maps. Annoying. Siri input for apple maps - rubbish. Can't even do a uk postcode.

So where does that leave me?

I haven't used a modern Android for ages, couldn't even tell you what sugar product the latest version is named after or what the latest Samsung Galaxy is - but I'm getting seriously tempted to jump ship when the time comes for me to change.

Has anyone else ditched iPhone and gone to Android? Is it just me who is going off Apple as a brand?

(I do love my MacBook Air though!)
i just get my head around the idea of buying a phone for £1000.
And what happened to the concept of making phones small and pocket friendly? I noticed a phoned ad proudly pushing the fact that their latest model was "even bigger".
Mind you, Apple gear does look and feel quality.
Personally never liked apple as a brand, I get it how great they integrate between iPad, MacBook, itunes etc... But things like the way they design their own special headphone or charger sockets so you have to buy their own (expensive) branded products annoys me. They are not products I will ever own...

(Sent from my Galaxy S7 which integrates wonderfully with Mircrosoft, my tab S2, and my Acer laptop...)
I also can not get my head around spending £1000 on a phone my £69 works for me.
Agree with you on iOS 11 being glitchy but there seem to be more app updates than ever coming through with this one so maybe things improve over the next month or so. I like the idea of the edge to edge screen on the X but it’s nuts money and they know that most people now need 128gb so what do they do? Bring out an entry level 64gb, no 128 and gap it to 256gb for more money. They’re starting to take the P a little with this last round of models but I suspect you and I are NOT the only people who aren’t going to buy a new one any time soon so they may have to change strategy.

In the meantime, (you may well have tried this so apologies if you have) there’s always the possibility of restoring your phone to see if it makes it any better - btw if certain apps haven’t been updated to be compatible with the latest iOS they can ruin the whole gig - including battery life.

Speaking of battery life, there are things you can do in settings to squeeze more -

Turn off ‘background app refresh’ for apps where you don’t need it.

Turn off location services for apps you don’t want to access it or at least toggle it to ‘only whilst using the app’ (this is a biggie)

Turn off ‘push notifications’ for apps where you don’t want them.

Switch off the 3d/tilt effect for the home screen.

You may well have done these already but I though I’d mention them just in case.

I feel your pain as it’s REALLY ANNOYING having a glitchy handset. I’m using a 7+ and there have been a few issues but on the whole it’s ok and every time I watch my mate gurning at his Android just to unlock it puts me off an iPhone X or Android. I’m going to wait as long as possible before upgrading.

I think the 7/7+ models are a good compromise and the camera on the 7+ is excellent imo.

Good luck with it. S2

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I hesitate to post this but....

Firstly, I feel the OPs pain. I’m a long time iPhone user

I have just upgraded to IPhone X (yeah, yeah, more money than sense etc...). Apple can sell more iPhone Xs than they can make, so by hiking the price they’re still not losing sales. Their pricing has always been eye watering and I agree this is an extreme example. However, I don’t think of mine as a phone but a device which I use so much that I soon forget how much it cost.

I love the screen- same size as plus in a body the same size as the 6s it replaces (battery life and performance was ok in iOS 11.1). Face ID is great. Ios11 works much better on it than on the 6s.

I prefer Apple maps to google maps because although some functionality is inferior to google, Apple have integrated their app into the os better and not allowed google the same (it’s no secret or surprise that Apple fo not allow third parties to make apps that replace their built in ones). However works really well in Cali- navigated to lots of obscure places with it. Did you know you can type lay-long into Apple maps. I usually disconnect from CarPlay to enter new destinations.

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IOS 11 messed up my iPhone 6 too though the latest updates have brought it mostly back to normal. As I spend more time interacting with my phone than any other piece of technology I’ve treated myself to the iPhone X. Yes it’s expensive but at less than a £ a day over its lifetime it’s pennies compared to the cost of running a Cali. Phone tech is advancing at a far greater pace than conventional computers. They will get slow and outdated quickly if you want to keep up with latest software advances. Personally I’m blown away by how great my early Xmas present is. More powerful than a 2015 MacBook Pro. Face ID is faultless and a really really good camera. You get what you pay for.
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I've been apple through and through.
Started once I finally found out exactly what an iPod was.
It was truly brilliant and then came the iPhone 2 which was equally brilliant for me.
Then the small rugged iPod shuffle to accompany me on my runs..fantastic.
It was time to get serious and along came a 27" iMac & 15" Mac book pro in 2010.
All of these items are still with me today (as I type away on the macbook pro) except the phone which has evolved little by little into an iPhone 6. There are also 2 iPads in the house.
Along the way though, I have felt the IOS standard slipping away into annoying restrctions. Currently I remain one step short of IOS 11 and do myself feel a little 'out of love' with the standard and direction that apple are now at.
Here is my problem.....
All my apple stuff is aged.
While there are many a decnt alternative for phones I really detest Microsoft lap tops & desk tops. I have to use these at work and it's a world of hurt in comparison with updates and virus software etc as well as feeling inferior.
The iPads are not mine to choose so it's almost a case of putting up with it for me. I haven't faced too much apple glitchy-ness in all the years to be fair but I understand its out there and some of the intuitive functionality has since been replaced by a complete a faff.

I feel though, I'm stuck with them for the foreseeable future only on the fact the strength of the competition is weak for my desires.
Gave up with iPhone on the iPhone 4S and before that I was a true Apple fan. I ended up becoming another one of their mugs to pay the stupid prices of their handsets, I am now a die hard Android convert where I have much more choice of devices which are much cheaper and I can add as much storage as I want and use what ever headphones I want.

Five years ago everyone had an iPhone but now only one of my pals has one and he is forever moaning about IOS.

I suggest anyone that has not used Adroid recently please try it, you will be pleasantly surpised.
S2bear has some great tips but these are the kind of fiddly compromises I feel you shouldn't have to make with premium Apple gear! I have a £150 Moto G4 and find it superb... None of the bloaty useless c**p that Samsung, Sony etc pile into their phones.

For laptops though, Macs are still light years ahead of the competition.

Everyone I know with an iPhone X loves it... But will they feel the same in 18 months?

But as with everything, including Calis, it's horses for courses...
I almost have Apple branded on my forehead but smartphones drive me nuts.

My I phone 6 is now relegated to nothing much more than a router for car play and a tool for sending text. I have a retro Nokia that I carry in my handbag for making calls with and a mini I pad for any apps I might want to apply.
Android phone - to phone and text ONLY.
iPad, MacBook and 27" iMac for everything else.
I run this forum on a samsung s7 and when my eyes start failing an ipad
I run this forum on a samsung s7 and when my eyes start failing an ipad
So just a little off topic but as its to do with the forum appearance and functionality I thought I'd better mention....
Since the santa hat has gone up above the the alerts flag icon I'm not seeing the alets come in. I have to hover over it to reveal new alerts (high lighted yellow the first time you see them). Where as before there would be a count of new alerts by the flag. Didn't know if anyone has mentioned it?
Are you viewing on a phone or tablet?

Kev i'm on a macbook, it the alerts count that doesn't show..
Oh I’m not sure then it’s something our web developer put on this morning
It's of no real consequence anyway. You only have to hover over the flag, you get the drop down and everything is normal. :thumb
Now you tell me!! A reluctant Apple convert after buying an I pad some years ago which really got my attention. Then ditched the Dell and Windows for a MacBook. What a revelation, after a little adjustment it is brilliant, as mentioned already here, it just works.
So, until recently, have been using a Windows phone which was actually all I needed for calls and texts and the few e-mails etc. Bit the bullet recently as refurbished I Phone 7 on black Monday reduced on Giff Gaff proved irresistible.
Was pleased with myself until reading this post........Now just got to resist the watch.......
I recently went a bit bonkers.... New MacBook Pro and an iPhone X purchased a few weeks ago, had to splash even more cash on a pair of AirPods and wireless charging docks, cases etc etc.....

The AirPods are brilliant, couldn't live without them now. As for the MacBook and iPhone X, well they are excellent also.... Like the OP, my first iPhone was a 3GS, and I've generally upgraded to the latest every 2-years since. So, I'm well and truly bound to Apple's eco-system, over the years....

I use both MacBook & iPhone for work, and use them everyday.... For me, Apple offers a good product, yes you have to pay a premium for it... But I think both of these products, are the best available in their sector _ I know some with disagree with this tho.

It's a personal choice.... For me, with a device/product which I use more than anything else..... I'm happy to pay the premium, and get the enjoyment over the years..... I always do quite well, when selling my old iPhones and MacBooks, something which definitely helps with the purchase of a new one.
I got android phone(s) from work for free but bought my own iphone SE 128GB 6 months ago and love it every minute ..
fits in any pocket works when you need it..never had any issues yet.
I had quite a few iPhones and was always impressed with the hardware but hated having to deal with iTunes. After a few horrible alternatives I now have a Pixel 2. Clean OS with no third party add ons. Synchs with my android tablet (another pixel) and my watch. Google maps works almost flawlessly with app connect and the hardware quality is easily up to iPhone standard. I love it and I don't need to deal with the ever changing face of iTunes any more.
I don’t know what is wrong with the op iPhone, but I can tell you it’s not normal. I also don’t know why all Android users always has a need to rant at iOS devices to justify their savings. It’s the same with my friends with samsung, It’s like they are so unhappy with their cheap spyware phones they need to complain about Apple and iOS. I would never dream of ranting at anyones 200€ Samsung when using my 1200€ iPhone X, which has been totally brilliant.
No sane person would argue Android devices are less buggy. No security updates or patches for the majority of the used base is a IT experts nightmare.
There are some reasons for Android
durable models available