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Replacing rear interior side panel




I've just replaced the rear, lower passenger side panel on my 2016 Beach (the big one) and whilst I'm useless with mechanics, found it not too bad to tackle. 3 hours, job done.
For anyone contemplating it, here's a quick guide....

1. Prise out the upper c-pillar trip. 4 clips keeping this in place.
2. Prise out the upper d-pillar trim. This is clipped in two places at the rear. Pull out the rear first, release it from the door seal, then it just slides out backwards from grooves near the window. Release the light using the clip on the wire.
3. Prise out the lower c-pillar trip. This panel covers the join between the big rear and seat area panels. Open the torx screws holding the panel you want to replace. C pillar should look like this!

4. Prise up the top tailgate cover.
5. Open all the screws on the lower tailgate cover and remove.
6. Open the two torx screws within the load lashing loop on the bottom of the panel

You should be able to see the whole panel you want to replace now.

Getting the panel out - suggest you start at the window and work your way down. There are about 5 clips which self destruct when you remove the panel, but luckily you get new ones with the new panel. Once removed, take out any halves of these clips which haven't come out of the metal.
This shows what the clips on the new panel should look like ...

You have to remove the lower window trim from the panel by undoing the torx screws which go in horizontally (there's another vertical set).

Putting the new one on.

First job is to get the window trim onto the new panel. Put in the last set of torx screws you removed but don't tighten them. Loosen the set that go in the other direction. Tighten them all up so the panel and window trim are tight.

Line up the panel, clip into window fittings, then get everything else in place and push!
The fiddliest are the ones within the lashing point.

Reverse all the steps to get your van back in one piece :)
Why did you replace the lower panel ? Was it damage damaged ?
It had an argument with an organ :-(

To be honest, I think it could have been repaired quite well but I'd ordered and got the panel by then.
So if anyone wants to make me an offer on the old panel, feel free! :)

I'd be much more confident tackling other trim pieces now after doing that. Never tried anything like it before, but pleased I didn't have to go back to the dealers to order 4 more parts I'd broken during removal!!!