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Retro Fitting a webasto parking heater.

View attachment 31873 View attachment 31873 View attachment 31876 View attachment 31875 Hi guys, just a quick update. I’ve managed to fit the genuine California D3 plus eberspacher and get it running. I connected it using the genuine California fuel line and all of the ducting. We then connected the 801 controller and she fired up! We just need to make up a loom extension for the controller and wire it up to the leisure battery.

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Hi Lule, Sorry to revive an old post but wondering if you had any more info on the wiring up of the D3 you bought. Looking at doing the same as you to keep it OEM But don't want the expense of VW controller etc. Hoping a simple 801 and new wiring harness + fuel pump should do the job?
Thanks again
Hi Andy,

I'm not too familiar with the exact fitment of your Thermo Top but it should be located below floor under the left front seat. The metering pump for it should be fixed between the heater and the fuel tank. I think the feed from the tank will be clipped into the top of the tank to its front edge. It is between the tank and this metering pump that you should fit the 'T' piece. You will find illustrations here go Free Services, Car Prog 2, then to TR (Transporter) Group 2 Picture 201-95 (That was for a 2016 model).
The two pumps are shown, one for the auxiliary and one for the air heater.

Hi Buddy the link to the picture isn’t working?
is it possible to put it on again?
Cut the URL down to...

Click 'Safe Zone'
Click 'Free Services'
Click 'CarProg2' (ignore need to log in)
Select 'Campmob' - Then double click your vehicle year.
Select Main Group 2 then scroll to Pic 201-095 and select.

Or go to and navigate remembering a Cali is a 'Campmob.'

Water heater is under the floor below the left front seat, blown air heater is under the the floor below right front seat regardless of the manufacturer Eberspacher or Webasto.
hi methley just looking at your install pics and it looks extremely tidy.
I did notice however that on the combustion air intake you havent fitted any kind of filter? I would recommend fitting a labyrinth seal air filter (we do this as standard in our installs just to guarantee that only air makes it into the combustion chamber). Also I noticed that there is a substantial fall on your air intake pipe, generally there is nothing wrong with having a fall in this pipe as long as you do a couple of things......
drill a 2mm hole in the lowest part of the pipe to allow condensate to escape. I realize it is unlikely that enough condensate will build up to block the pipe however without the hole any condensate only has one way out of that pipe (directly through the burner which isnt ideal) also it means if you ever drive through enough standing water you will get a head of water in the pipe which will totally flood the unit.
The second thing to do is to have the last 100mm of pipe pointing directly down so anything that makes it into the pipe will fall back out rather than straight in.
Its easy to assume that these units are behind splash guards and therefore I am being a bit precious about all this but at Slidepods we see vans with 300,000 miles on them which are incredibly clean behind the spalsh guards but we also see vans with 30,000 miles on them which have litterally inches of crud behind them. By observing little details like these you will ensure your heater performs effectively for and extremely long time.
Hi SlidePods, would you mind telling us please which type of air filter you favour and why? I've seen these and wonder which (if any) you fit.
I did the exact same thing on my own van however I shy away from doing it for customers for a few reasons....
cost - sourcing the genuine ducting and steps from TPS is an expensive business and therefore bumps the price up considerably. Also the time to do the job goes up by around 30% meaning more labour charge on top of the standard price.
Strength - I have never had chance to examine the cut-out for the ducting on a factory cali (I would very much like to) to see if VW have strengthened the area at all?? It is extremely close to the lower seatbelt bolting point.
To be honest the aftermarket install works really well so I don't like to overcomplicate things. :thumb
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Just to support Slidepods I recently had a heater fitted to my ex demo beach by Jonny and Mike.

As I wasn't close to home I stayed and saw the install first hand. VW don't make it easy to get to the locations required. Have to say I'm extremely happy with it and they treated my van with great care (in their own words as if it was their own).

We actually have used the heater already (it is the British summer after all) and it's a great bit of kit. So glad we went with the control panel option that Jonny recommends. I'm strangely excited for winter when I can set it to come on on cold frosty mornings.

Cheers Jonny and Mike.

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Hi Matt I realise this is an old post but maybe you could hep me on this did you have the Webasto Airtop 2000STC fitted if so I am interested to see how it works regarding regulating the temperature and the accuracy of the heater kicking in and kicking out etc
Re-visiting this old thread. As you will see from my earlier posts I never got around to fitting the heater to my yellow Beach and my new one had the parking heater. Spent today going through all the bits in the garage and I'm going to list the fittings on Trademe (NZ eBay) and probably fit the Eberspacher D2 to my caravan.

An alternative is that I could bring all the parts back to UK when I come in October if anyone in the club is interested in buying - does not include the heater. I also have the step inserts and B pillar cover in anthracite, whereas I think most California's have the light grey trim.

Can someone, maybe @Slidepods, confirm the the T5 and T6 parts are the same? I've included a picture and the list of parts.


20220806_114546_resized.jpgVW Parts.jpg20220806_114510_resized.jpg
Hi, Andy it’s a bit late but I don’t suppose you still have them bits? Thank you Nick
Hi Nick,

I still have all the bits. I didn't bring them back to UK, but have a neighbour heading that way in a couple of weeks. Maybe I could ask a favour!

Send me a PM to discuss if you are interested.

Hi Andy, that sounds great. I can't figure out how to send you a message, would you mind sending one over to me if possible? Thanks, Nick
A few pics of the install...










Neat job on this. I'm currently carrying out this upgrade with factory vents. The mount I have for the diesel heater is just the eberspacher plate. The mount you have looks much better and gives a nicer line up. Where did you get it from? I've not seen any other pictures or part nu.bers of one like it.