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Solar - What Volts / Watts / KWH do you get

Yep solar is good, had some on a place I built and was lucky enough to get in on a gov feed in tariff before they all got pulled.
I not knocking his panels 3 for the price of one Solbian is a no brainer if you have the space!
If you don’t have space and need the most efficient panel and bespoke sizes then you can’t go wrong with Solbian
My 400 watt rated EcoFlow panel putting out 419 watts:

Essentially maxed out the 30A Victron MPPT!

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If your panel is mounted on your roof the panel is generally fixed at some non optimal azimuth and orientation.

Even optimizing peak power does not necessarily optimise daily yield.

A proper comparison would be kWh produced in systems that don't achieve float voltage.

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