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Surrey to Budapest and back..



T5 SE 180
Hello Everyone,

Looking forward to my first touring trip in Europe next month. Current agenda is something like the below:

We're going to bomb it down to Budapest in 2.5 days of driving, staying at a French Aire and then somewhere around the German/Austrian border. Looks a very long way but with two of us taking turns and the Cali being so relaxing to drive I think it'll be fine (obviously mostly motorways).

Three nights in a Budapest hotel, Mrs T is going to pop out on the Sunday to run the marathon. I shall find a beer serving establishment from which I can provide support.

Then two nights in Slovenia. Currently looking at the Triglav National Park but some campsites are saying they might not be open by the time we get there around the 12th October, does anyone have any experiences or advice on Slovenia and specifically Triglav?

Homewards after that. A night in Munich, a night in the Black Forest (always wanted to go) and a night in/near the Ardennes forest.

Going to spend a lot of time on the road but I'm seeing it as a way of finding areas we want to go back to and explore in more detail at some point. I think most days we'll get up early, drive to the next place, park up, get the bikes out and explore the local vicinity.

Have bought all my Vignettes, got my headlight adjusters ready, booked the tunnel and am already getting excited. Any thoughts or advice welcome!

Speaking as someone who has driven to Spain & back twice this year for just a week each time, so 2000 mile round trip & who would happily do it again. Even to me that looks an awful lot of miles with not a lot of stopped time the two nights in slovenia is effectively only one whole day & thats got to be a 500 mile diversion.
Am also surprised about spending first night in France, Would have thought you would have gone Belgium - Germany - Austria.
I would leave out Slovenia & spend extra nights in Munich & the Black Forest, One night isn't long enough anywhere after a long drive, say you arrive early afternoon by October you've only got 3-4 hours of daylight leftto explore then something to eat, bed get up & drive, repeat next day.
Two nights in each location gives you a whole day to explore & may feel more like a holiday.
Also if you plan on two nights for each stop it gives flexibility if you like somewhere to stay an extra night & reduce the next stop, if you are on a one night strategy you have no choice but to move on unless you want to drive double the distance the next day.
Thanks Andy,

The reason we're looking at France was the slightly more southern route looked a little more interesting than the motorways through Belgium I'm driven before and doesn't look like it adds too many more miles. We'll head back via the more northern route most likely. You might be right on Slovenia, I've not been there before and had heard good things but you're right it does add a lot of miles.

Will have a think on it!
Just got back from a trip taking in the Vosges & Mosel / Verdun. In the Vosges we stayed at this site which might be suitable for you as a French stopover:
Did the journey from Southampton to here in a day (just me driving) with no issues and was in time to have a swim in the lake when I got there. Nice site (as long as you used the newer of the 2 washroom blocks).

On another trip to Austria we stayed here on the Germany/Lux border possibly not far enough into the journey for you on the way out though.

Tip for Mrs T on the marathon, the last couple of miles once you leave the river and run back up to the finish is uphill. No terribly steep but enough to notice on tired legs. Leave something in the tank! Enjoy the trip and marathon.
You might like a couple of relaxing days at Lake Balaton. Just a short drive from Budapest and good place to swim for aching limbs!
Tip , on the return trip don't mention the border control you been to Hungary....they might strip your Cali in a search for migrants.;)

Let us now how it went...

We will cross fingers for your misses to win the maraton!

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