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Tailgate stuck


Chris 50+

T5 SE 140
Thank you it was a great help.
Cheers Chris


VIP Member
T5 SE 174
I successfully opened my tailgate following instructions and photos from German site (earlier answer) which I joined and translated into English. Briefly : 7 cm from right black plug holding chair cover fabric ( in direction of left black plug ) & then 1 cm up I drilled a very neat 30mm hole through thin board panel. Use a good hole cutter. To make enough space and to push back black fabric remove two black plugs with correct hex key ( look carefully they are two part!) Also pushed back chair back fabric by removing a bolt in side of chair that is visible. This drilled 30mm hole will be hidden behind the black fabric when finished. I located the brass button and pushed up with finger through hole. No joy ! so I bent a strong wire coathanger into loop end and fished downwards through hole for 5-10 mins hooking and pulling strongly with wife outside pulling on handle and hey presto it came open. If you need any more details please contact me. I still have to go to garage for new lock (keeping tailgate open) but I didn't trust a garage to do that bit and risk hours of labour charges and wrecked panels and chair carriage etc.