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Vibration/wobble from front end



T5 SE 140
Hi, I have a 2013 Caravelle TDI 103 with a just replaced secondhand dsg box with 100.000km on it.
I feel a subtle wobble/vibration that seems coming from the front-left side of the van, no steering wheel.

It wobbles when under load at low revs approx 1800 - 2000 revs. Is more noticeable in 2nd gear just before changing to 3rd and you can feel it also on 3rd gear sometimes. Uphill is more present and is not noticeable when downhill or not on load. In the rest of gears seems to be fine.

I did the balancing of the wheels and changed the 2 driveshafts and the vibration got a bit more smooth but still there. The wobble is very subtle but the secondhand gearbox still on warranty so I would like to get this fixed to disregard it could be something related to that.

Any ideas? did anyone found a solution for a similar wobble other than changing driveshafts?

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