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VIKKY - 4 short trips in a couple of months


Ant Clerici

VIP Member
T5 SE 180
1) thank you everyone for the forum tips

2) 2 is great - 4 adults cosy! Mix of quilts and sleeping bags
7 adults (with awning (VANGO KELA) and another tent)....a bit frantic making 6 bacon sandwiches for breakfast!

3) Storage?
  • 60l staples box in the boot, IKEA plastic kitchen sink thingys in the under cooker cup'd
  • Coloured stuff sacks for clothing in wardrobe (not an issue for motor bikers used to holidays with v v limited space)
  • Rear cup'd for camping stuff and odds n ends (need access to gas and electric switch)
  • Under bench drawer - shoes, binoculars.....
  • Move rear seat forward for awning and bigger stuff if necessary
  • Brandrup awning great for day trips when a bit of shade is useful
  • ordered some acrylic glasses and melamine plates

4) IKEA kids squishable tidies as waste bins (numbered 1, 2 and 3 for recycling)

5) Use Milton tabs to keep fresh water clean, got a Brandrup (expensive) 20l water carrier and filler

6) Remoska cooking (Lakeland) - fab

7) Fridge = off-licence, too good as frozen meals don't thaw out!

8) Learnt - to put up roof immediately on arrival from the drivers seat (and keys still in the ignition)

9) Awning up, hook open....get cooking....chill

10) of course......P1130885.JPG 10 out of 10 so far!!!!!