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Kilcock, Kildare, Ireland
T6 Ocean 150
Good afternoon,

Well, what a post from Mcompa! An introduction as a VW Commercial Vehicle trainer (I wonder what that actually means) in a California forum offering tips and knwoldge (obvioulsy from the VW Commercial Vehicle line).

Mcompa, have you expected this kind of response? :)

As I appologized to my VW Service Agent, a California is so much more than a car, it is a hobby and the owners love to talk, to change, to experiment, to give out ... about their vehicle which will keep the VW dealers busy. A good example are these posts. We all are keen and interested to talk directly to VW Commercial that we barley can hold back. But I am sure all that happned in good spirit.

Mcompa, I am not sure about your post. Is it that you joined the VW California forum as a privat person just mentioned that you work with VW maybe with the aim to gain more information which might be useful for your work or did you post as a VW Commercial member of staff to get information?

If it is the first option than welcome here. There is a lot of information about the California and a lot of very experienced good people here.
If it is the second option, than also welcome. But I personally would have prefered that you might have got in contact with moderator(s) to start with. It could have been clarified what you be able to add to the forum and what expect to take out of it (because I am sure not everything can be covered by one person). All this through a introduction form a moderator. Maybe that would have clarified the situation and your position.

At the end it is neither here nor there, because the first post was made. So again, welcome. You will experience the hunger for intformation from everybody here (sometimes a wee bit of frustration, never mind about that).

Best of luck.

Happy California,