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What have you bought for your Cali today :-)

They are pretty good at delivering to the UK. Having purchased a fair amount of kit from them I’ve worked out the best way is to keep the order below €150. I’ve never paid any extra fees doing that and it’s actually cheaper to make seperate orders and pay double delivery than to say order two shelves at the same time! They generally deliver within a week.

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Excellent thanks for the information do you have the shelves?
Excellent thanks for the information do you have the shelves?

I have the shelves (they are great, almost worth the money!). I use them exactly how you suggested, tea/coffee kit etc. I also have the bin and it’s also where I got the molle panels and rails that I use for my maxtrax etc. They are excellent quality and much cheaper than the Hess and Terranger versions.

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Today this: about 80 euros and tricky installation because of position b ut helped with a silicone spray.

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After pondering for a while and working through the wish list, we eventually got around to fitting a new (to us) isotop vi.
We have used a topper and a wrap so far (both have advantages, plenty of threads already on those), but since we expect to be touring Europe this year, and because I want to be able to use the windows and vents, it seemed a worthwhile investment.
The previous owner was kind enough to supply most of the fitting kit & I had some wide heavy duty velcro left over from a previous project. This saved me having to spend £68 (!) on a new fitting kit. I managed by purchasing 10m of 10mm (1cm) wide adhesive 'loop' tape (I didn't need the other half of the 'hook and loop' / velcro as the 'hoop' strip is part is pre-fixed to the isotop). I didn't need it all in the end. I also bought some 'adhesion promoter' wipes, all in for about £15. All good so far. Pondering whether to keep the other roof insulation 'just in case'.


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