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Breakdown Cover - Cali only or Multicar



My Cali has now turned 3 so I have lost my VW assist cover. I will be using it abroad so want breakdown cover over there. Like most on the forum, I also use another car

What do folk do please if Euro Breakdown cover is not included in their vehicle insurance policy ?

One option is to go multicar. But you may end up paying for European cover on your (possibly older) car that will never go to Europe

Or do you pay two for two separate lots of breakdown cover ?

I was paying £60 a year for my old estate car to be fully covered in UK (at home, roadside etc etc)
I have just been quoted £75 to add Euro breakdown cover to my Admiral vehicle cover

Any thoughts very welcome pls

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I presume that is to cover the California at home and abroad? If so that is a good price. Just make sure it covers everything required because the California cannot be towed by most Breakdown companies/agents because of its weight and has to be recovered on a low loader vehicle.
I use RAC European Cover - I checked they do include full recovery for the California.
Separate from my insurance which obviously also includes European cover.
I use AA European cover they cover the size and weight of a Cali.
I got the RAC breakdown for our car when abroad and the man said I could transfer it to any vehicle as long as it wasn't really old and I let them know the reg and this included the motorbike
VW assist is available at £90 for one year or £155 for two. European cover included. This scheme is now run by the AA. It is not transferable but I have no plans to sell in the next two years so no problem. I just hope they are as good as the RAC, who sorted me out a couple of times, in the UK and overseas.