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Coast or Ocean

Yes that could be argued. But it could equally be argued that a lot of people buying a second hand California will be first-timers and they may just make a simple decision that they're looking for an Ocean (ie the 'best' spec), which is an easier proposition to grasp than a Coast-with-extras.

Personally I'd choose the Coast next time but that's because I don't like more bling than necessary on a campervan and don't particularly value having an electric roof even though other people might well say they don't want a Coast because it only has a manual roof.

So there are various ways to look at all this and people differ in what they're prepared to pay for. The only reliable way to determine relative depreciation would be to look at actual used selling prices. Unfortunately the Coast hasn't been around long enough in the UK so do that.
Agreed, for me the 2 variants do the same job and I'm not really techy so the new all singing all dancing dash in the Ocean doesn't interest me and likewise I can manage without LED headlights (I know there are other differences but these are the main two I could live without as well as the roof).

Of course some people will be attracted to the Ocean, I was one of them but now we have lived with a hydraulic roof and also previously had a manual roof then I did start to question if we needed the hydraulic roof from a personal point of view.

That said, when we bought our Ocean the Coast wasn't available and Mrs K wanted the storage the Ocean offered so a Beach was out of the question.

Now had the Coast been available I am confident I would have dismissed that and gone for the Ocean but with hindsight that for us would have probably been a mistake.

Its all down to personnel preference and what works best for an individual.