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Comfort Insurance - won’t insure my California

Hello everyone,

We note that that there’s been some discussion in this thread on Californias that are specified as MPV on the V5C document.

We are delighted to confirm that we can and do provide cover for Californias, if the V5C shows MPV. We would however recommend that where you can, you try and get the DVLA to register your vehicle as a ‘van with side windows’. We say this because not all insurers are able to provide cover for a California registered as a MPV and we like to treat customers fairly and give them the opportunity to maximise their options and have access to the widest possible choice of insurers, to get the most suitable and affordable cover available. We’re always happy to speak to California owners and to offer assistance, as we know at times vehicle classification and insurance can be confusing.
Sorry, but surely it is for the insurers, if they want our business, to understand the market and the vehicles they insure?
Going to DVLA on and ad-hoc basis to change the vehicle type, as defined by the manufacturer, in consultation with the DVLA, is a fudge. Furthermore, wouldn't we have to declare this change to the insurer as a "relevant fact"?
I’m finding this pretty concerning. We insured our California Ocean 150 DSG with Comfort last year, reg 2019. The V5 states MPV but I just checked all of my Certs from Comfort and they keep referring to ‘Motorhome’. At the time of insuring I emphasised that this was a Campervan and V5 MPV ( at that time I didn’t know that this was a glitch only 2019 !) but they assured me that’s what they referred to California’s as !!!
Should I be worried , it’s due for renewal in February ?
My 2019 California is on an Aviva motorhome policy. I did query this with them at the time as they do show on their website they have Campervan policies and Motorhome policies. They stated that the California could go on either, but the reason they put it on the Motorhome policy was the higher levels of cover, i.e. for personal effects/ancillary equipment the cover is £5000 on the Motorhome policy. The continental single trip limit is also longer at 120 days on the Motorhome policy against 90 on the Campervan policy. Also the Campervan policy is with a different insurer. As per my previous post. Comfort have confirmed with me that my California with V5 as MPV is fully covered on the Aviva policy.
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I bought my current California Ocean a year ago, the 12 months free insurance which VW kindly included in the deal is about to expire, so I have been looking for new cover. I was previously with Caravan & Motorhome insurance, but Comfort seem popular among Cali owners so I thought I would try them this year. Having obtained a quote I pointed out that my Cali was one of those registered in the strange period in 2019 when DVLA registered the Ocean as an MPV. The response from Comfort was that as it is not a motor home they will not insure it, unless I get it re-registered as a Motor Home. I was surprised as I had searched the forum and found that Comfort knew of this problem a year ago and were accepting the MPV classification.

I was told I was wrong, after which the conversation did not go well and I will now go elsewhere.

Has anyone else had a similar problem with Comfort recently?
Comfort are a bunch of wasters go else where

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