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Cooking Equipment



T6 Beach 4Motion
We are cooking all electric. 1L teapot. 1,5L multicooker. And two more 1L multicookers.
Everything closes securely so we cook during driving. You stop and have everything ready to eat.
Though we have a large lithium battery it is all easily doable with standard leisure battery, even one. Just do majority of cooking boiling when driving with "free" alternator electricity.

The only mod I strongly recommend is never using 12v cig lighter sockets. Connect the thick cable to leisure battery with a fuse and make high amp sockets of your choice. I use EC5 connectors that can hold 40amps longterm.

Teapot takes 40mins to boil and not a problem when driving and using thermos but when we need it faster I use 24v booster and it takes 10-15mins. Multicooker takes 2 hours when packed with everything frozen.

This year I added a programmable relay so teapot autostarts at 6.00 in the morning and we have fresh boiled water when wake up.

Carrying a little gas hob for emergencies but it is too messy compared to electric.