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It's pretty easy to check if anyone is within 50m on takeoff as per the rules.

There are some muppets who spoil it for everyone sadly, I was at the Gaudi cathedral in Barcelona and someone was flying it there unbelievable. They will need registering at some point in the UK but all that will happen is the careful people will register and the careless folk will carry on.
How do you know nobody is around? Do you use the drone to check for about 5 square miles?I was at Malham recently and drones are disturbing the rare peregrine falcon nests there. Signs are up but as usual people ignore them

I don't but I try to take notice about whatever and whoever is in the neighbourhood. In western Europe, there is always somebody around within 5 square miles but I lose sight of the drone in 350meters and the noise is gone too within 200m

I don't know what you are trying to say (to me) but I'm acting more careful than regulations demand.
What has two wings and doesn’t give a f&#@k?

Dutch police did some experimenting with Eagles vs Drones and stopped the project because it was too expensive and the birds were expected to be hurt by the propellors - even more so when de drone pilot take measurements against the Eagles attempts.