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Flat main battery



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T5 SE 140
Returned from a 2 month holiday in Australia to find the main battery on our 2010 SE140 flat even though our son had been charging the van via the cable. It wasn't fully charged prior to going on holiday as I prefer to use our car for short trips rather than the van. I am unsure whether using the van for short journeys causes the EGR valve clogging issue. Contacted VW at Bilston Edinburgh and was told the battery should last 10 years he was surprised it should be needing replaced. He was saying it is ok to use the van even for short journeys but advise me to alternate between supermarket fuel and fuel from BP, Shell prevent the EGR clogging issue. Seemingly supermarket fuel does not have a cleaning agent added to their fuel. His advice use the van and enjoy it.:)
Uh oh - brace brace for a supermarket v's branded fuel discussion :D
On a serious note - I assume that as you are 2010 and and 140 then your van is a facelift. In that case your engine battery should be trickle charged when the power cable is plugged in. So if your son was charging it then it might be worth getting the charger checked out.
Uh oh - brace brace for a supermarket v's branded fuel discussion :D

Just pulled this off another forum, sorry could not resist googling :sorry

Ciaran says:
May 27, 2014 at 9:25 pm

I’m a Taxi driver and like most taxi drivers I stay well away from supermarket fuels! For two simple reasons – economy and for the health of my engine!

Some engines take cheaper fuels better than others but Diesel engines particularly should stay away from supermarket fuels – they dont do EGR valves, injectors and DPFs any favours resulting in expensive repair bills. Vauxhall CDTIs and the PSA engines found in ford,Volvo,peugeot,and Citreons dont like supermarket fuels either resulting in problems mentioned above

Only my opinion but shell is the best
Hi gang I'm a newbie to the club.
On the question of Diesel, when I fill up I use BP or Shell standard diesel. Should I be using a higher rated fuel ? Or carry on as I am.
I have a feeling that my first post is a thread drift. Sorry
I plonk in whatever is convenient.

Arguments on fuel choices and quality differences crop up more often than tic's on a dogs backside and are about as pleasant.

Albert is not a taxi stop-starting 100 times a day and he is not a truck doing 10,000 miles a week. There are no warnings given by VW to avoid particular types of fuel so it is all down to individual choice.I've driven diesel vehicles most of my life and never had a problem despite tossing in some disgusting fluids sold in dubious places that I would not even send my mother in law to.

There is a problem with diesel engines. It is called emissions and the increasing complexity of devices bolted on to remove them. The time may come when manufacturers have to specify what fuels with what additives but until then I'm not going to worry.
I had EGR problem 3 months ago but only once for 2-3 Min. after that i talk with one of my neighbour he also has T5 and he is a builder. i discussed my problem with them and he suggest me put cataclean original ( go on motorway once each month and drive continuously 20 -30 min. you never got this problem he is using from 3-4 years and all goes well. then i used one and its make difference.


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