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Looking for an Airedale pup


wee westy

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:help Hi all
we are looking for an Airedale pup at the moment but finding it hard to locate a dog pup. I wondered if anyone knows of any pups available now or in the future. We stay on the west coast of Scotland so i do not want to travel any further than the Midlands to locate one. We have tried the various Airedale clubs and forums etc, so if anyone has any info etc please give me a shout. Thanks. :thumb :thanks
Used to have a Westie myself. Now have Scottie and Schnauzer in our Cali
Two good sites to check out are and, both have Airedales available, some at Brampton ( Carlisle ) and some in Lancs
Good luck
I don't know anyone who breeds Airedales unfortunately (I may have been able to help if you were looking for a pastoral breed) but I guess you have probably already looked on the KC puppy search page; I see there are three litters registered in NW England and another in Northamptonshire but they may all be spoken for. Sadly I suspect if the breed clubs are not aware of any dog pups currently available, you may be in for a bit of a wait for a well-bred pup - but then, like the Calis, they are worth the wait :)

Edited to add - if you haven't already looked there, Champdogs can be a useful resource for finding breeders to email with enquiries (they won't all need or choose to advertise their litters). I know from personal experience that they are reassuringly strict in regards to documentation of health tests and conformity with KC rules about the number of litters per bitch, limits of breeding age etc. There are no certainties until you meet the pups and mum of course :)

Wishing you luck in your search!
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