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Not Charging on Hook up

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Hey everyone.

A subject which has been touched upon, but one I am not technically versed enough to understand, so advice welcomed please.

My van was not charging while on hook up, so my local Garage had a look at the charger and found a component of it to be fried. He's been unable to find anyone who can repair it so I am looking at getting a direct replacement.

The charger was a Philips PE 2169/00. Is this charger still available to buy somewhere? If not, what is the best direct replacement? I see a Westfalia charger on VWBUSSHOP.DE, but this is 12A instead of the 9A Philips (and €600!). Does this make a difference, and will it work exactly as the old one did?

Maybe someone knows somebody who is able to repair the original for me?

Many thanks in advance for your help.


Hi CB,

Have you actually looked inside the charger unit yourself and seen what the problem is? or are relying on your mechanic's opinion?

Mine had burn't out on the main internal multi-plug and was easily repaired. Can you post up some pictures of the inside?

On refitting mine, I modified the mounting of the charger and increased the air flow around the unit. Hoping to avoid any future problems.

Regards, Paul.
Hey Paul,

Thanks for your response. I've not got the charger, it's all with the mechanic (Mechanic deals mainly with aircooled VW's, but has been excellent with my T4 so far.) so I have no pictures. I could ask him to send me some though.

He's sent it off to a few Auto electrical specialists including a motorhome specialist with no luck, so there's a fair chance it's game over for this charger unit.

I'll see if he can get me some pictures over and i'll post them as soon as I can so you can take a look.

He believes that the fault occurred due to me charging completely dead leisure batteries off hook up. I'm told this puts a large stress on the charger unit and something inside popped, although there was no burning smell or smoke at the time, I just noticed the 'prong' symbol had gone away and my batteries were still very low on charge. That's about as deep as my technical understanding of this goes I'm afraid.

Anyone else suffered anything similar?... Your experience is very much appreciated!

You can find solution here:ät_A10
I have the same problem. When i opened the charger, i found 2 problems. Fired capacitor and broken another part - it looks like "zener diode". Please anyone who have the same charger (Philips Westfalia Geschaltet). Can you read the value on your unbroken part? on the pic...
Many thanks in advance for your help.A10.jpg
The replacement unit from Busshop is fine. 12A plus 2A is the way to go.

The unit charges both leisure batteries and engine battery.

I have fitted one of those without problems.