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Registering 1991 LHD T4 California Westfalia 2.4d in UK from France



T4 PopTop

Just filling in the V55/5 for the registration process, and realise there is very little info on the French Carte Grise. It is a 2.4d VW California - one of the factory LHD westfalia campers, originally registered in Germany, imported to France about 10 years ago; I bought it and owned it (in France) for around 18 months.

In also seems confusing as to whether an IVA is needed or not - when I spoke to the DVLA they said as the car was over 10 years old this was no longer necessary. We'll see. The car would pass as has MPH speedo, RHD headlamps and fog light on right etc. - and has just passed MOT.

Quick questions:

1. What tax class is this? I assume as 1991, its Private Light Goods (PLG), and yearly tax is £230. Is that right?
2. Body style? I just put MOTOR CARAVAN. ??
3. Type - I think this is 70B CF2 as per the manufacturer stamp. The Carte Grise says 70X 0BL. Hmm.
4. Is it important to put the engine number on the V55/5? This is not on any of the docs I have (even the Carte Grise). I'd have to find this on the actual block - is this easy?
5. Wheelplan - I assume is just 2 AXLE RIGID BODY like any other car?
6. It was very difficult to get insurer Admiral to find out what this was on their database. It is quoted now as a 1991 2.4 T4 camper conversion, which is sort of right, but I'm yet to find a good matching ID on any insurance site. Has anyone got one of these on a classic policy yet? Whether its a true classic or not it is certainly old enough!

1. Think that's right. Tax cost is what I pay.
2. Yep
3. dunno
4. I don't think it's on mine (import from Germany). It's on the front of the block, but easier to see from underneath.
5. yep
6. I've had mine covered by Adrian Flux as a classic when I first bought it. Since then I've been with comfort and the C&CC on a normal campervan policy, always registered as a Westfalia California. I'd be nervous about being registered as a T4 Camper Conversion as that is 1) very open to interpretation and 2) Westys attract a price premium, which would need to be reflected in an insurance payout.
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