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Report back on day 1 of ownership...



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So, reporting back on my pick up and first drive...
Fantastic handover from Colbornes in Guildford - really thorough, couldn't fault them.
However, on opening the sliding door we found the door blind half pulled down and slightly damaged so that's going to be replaced as soon as the part arrives. Just a minor hitch though...
LOVE driving the van - it is no bigger than my xc90 really - has a nice high driving position and I have found it nice and easy to manoeuvre and park. The turning circle is much better than the Volvo so easier in that respect.
My only gripe so far is the 'privacy' glass which is really pretty useless - not more than a slight tint in fact. My Volvo had really dark windows in the back and I loved it as no one could see what was inside. I think I'm going to have to get some film or something... I think 'privacy' glass is actually very misleading and doesn't at all describe what it is in reality. Or maybe they just forgot to fit it?!

Would be grateful for any thoughts on best solutions for this...
But otherwise, I'm in love with it and think it's going to suit me, my hubby and the three kids down to the ground. Now I just need to stop them arguing over who gets to sit in which seat...!
Thanks to everyone for the brilliant advice and info along the journey so far! :thanks
Glad you had a good handover.the privacy glass on my cali is dark you cant see in at all
maybe it has got lighter or they forgot to add it :sad
Heard a few people say this about privacy glass on recently purchased Cali's, maybe they are not using such a dark tint as they used to, mine is also very dark like Kevs and you can only see inside if you get very close or if the internal lights are on.
Hi Jane, congrats on your new Beach. We also would be making the move from a volvo. I find the auto gearbox in the XC70 great and wonder if you also had auto in the XC90. If so, does the VW DSG box compare well?
Hi, yes I had a Volvo auto (an 06 plate) which I really liked but I must say, I really like the DSG. Having driven an auto Citroen rental car earlier this year, and realised just how bad some autos are, I think the DSG is very comparable (and maybe even better) than the Volvo auto.
Thank you for comparison with Volvo gear box, it's good to know. Unfortunately we only had the chance to drive 140 manual at dealership but would like to try DSG. Happy motoring with your new Beach, thanks again.
We've had our SE a month and I noticed the privacy glass isn't very.... Guess they must have changed the tint.
The tint on new Calis is lighter than the older ones, we parked up two next to each other and you can tell the difference. If you provide me with the reg number, I will be glad to confirm that privacy glass has been fitted at factory.
I just had a chat with the dealership about it and they confirmed that the tint has indeed got lighter - they have a local (Plymouth) company that will do a "Limo" tint for £180...
Thanks Stuart- yes having compared to a non tint, I think they have definitely fitted the privacy glass, but it just isn't as dark as I'd expected. I might ask my dealer if they have anyone to recommend locally who can out a film on for me...