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Seller security warning



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Thought that I'd pass on a warning to any sellers of both Cali's and cars sent out by my local Police.

Latest method reported is where 2 people come to view the vehicle.
During the course of the look around they will ask if spare keys are available then one person will say that they will just check that the spare(s) are working properly. he other person will keep the Owners attention whilst the spare key operation is checked.
the spare key(s) are duly returned.
The potential purchasers then leave.
Subsequent checking by the Owner may find that the spares no longer wrok.
What has actually happened is that the original spare key has been swapped for a genuine key which obviously not operate on the vehicle.

The potential purchasers now have a key to steal the vehicle at a later date.
Good Advice.
Thankfully have a Ghost, so they wouldn’t be able to start it.
Always be sure to hold on to keys and do the starting of the vehicle.
I wouldn’t even let them drive, even if they say or show documentation to say they are insured.
If they are buying a Cali, they should know how it drives, or, like me, just take the plunge !
Never thought I would buy £70k worth of vehicle without ever driving one !
But I did, and I love the driving position !!
I recently sold a BMW Z4 from where I live for £10,600. The buyer was told before he arrived. Hand over Driving licence, two credit cards (All with matching names) and mobile phone if a drive was required.
Items were handed over without argument, he drove the car and returned. Keys exchanged for return of driving licence, credit cards and Mobile phone. We agreed a price. Money transferred via mobile bank app. Keys (two) handed over to buyer with elbow bump! Whole thing took less than an hour.
Reminds me of an incident decades ago when we were trying to sell our ‘dud’ Range Rover that was going wrong all the time
Man arrives on motor bike, refuses to take off helmet, looks round said vehicle. Drives off
I took a photo of his bike as I was suspicious
Two nights later it was silently loaded onto a flat back and driven to new haven a couple of mikes away together with the local farmers discovery taken abroad to where the police suggested they would have had buyers waiting
dog barked at 02.00 am and I told her to be quiet - obviously warning us of the theft taking place
As it happens we got a great insurance payout and were glad to be rid of it!