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Selling Your Loved Cali.



T5 SE 180
I was recently browsing the Cali's for sale section on this site and happened to read one of the longer descriptions of a very nice looking Cali. However I was disappointed to see that in parts of the description that another derivative of the Cali had been effectively rubbished. ( The 180 ). I have read most of the thread on the problem with the twin turbo model, but I feel that it is only fair to point out that the problem affects some but certainly not all or nearly all of this model.

As an engineer I have yet to see a definitive reason for these problems so am prepared to keep an open mind on such things until somebody, VW? comes up with a definitive reason for the problem in order that it can be fixed if required. If you suspect there is a problem then have a compression test carried out and if required try using a borescope to possibly reveal the bore condition. My local Indy would carry this out for what I consider a reasonable sum. Preventative maintenance?

The seller also goes on to say that the 140 is more reliable and cheaper to run. Where is your evidence for this? I have a 180 which I regularly get 40MPG+ from. Its tax is also £255 per year.

As with some vans I suffered the corrosion problem which has now been fixed, but had to wait 3.5 years for it to be undertaken. It was the wait for the problem to be rectified which annoyed me, not the problem itself. Other than this I have had no problems at all to date and love my van. Surely your Cali will sell on its own obvious merits. We are a community who have come together to enjoy and appreciate our ownership of a classic and well loved vehicle. It does nobody any good to try to undermine what is a fantastic van in order to sell their own. Our concern should be directed at VW who appear as usual to wash their hands of some obvious design flaws which can affect SOME vehicles. As with all modern cars the engine is now effectively off limits to all but the most experienced of engineers who have access to the correct equipment.
An interesting post. I paused and thought about the wording when I saw the ad, but can see both sides of the situation.
I’ve paused and thought too about replying because lengthening the discussion could have exactly the same effect you’ve raised.
In the sellers defence, they are SELLING their van so you can expect them to stress the +ve’s. Often that does stray into comparisons with the competition.
I once sold a 180bi turbo on here which had had the /D cooler fitted, and struggled with the wording on that.
180s were quite a bit more expensive than 140s when new and traditionally carried some of that premium into resale. Because of the worries brought on by these ‘engine failures’, I think the seller may be suggesting buyers should see the upsides of the 140 and value them similarly.
It’s a bit like saying “I’m not going to fly in an aeroplane because some of them fall out of the sky”. The majority of them don’t and think of all the amazing places and adventures you will miss out on if you don’t fly!
Playing devil’s advocate, perhaps the advertiser is saying ‘flying is brilliant, but if you’re going to fly, just make sure you don’t fly in a 737 Max. They fall out of the sky sometimes’

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Some things on the 180 are more expensive to repair
I think that anyone who has been on these forums will know that 2011/12 180's had some difficulties, only a few, but well documented failures. It's also fairly obvious that a Bi turbo is going to be a bit more complex and have all those potential problems associated with increased complexity. It should also be well known however that most 180's are quite happily purring onwards and upwards without any problems whatsoever.

How someone frames their advert is really up to them. One of the stranger adverts that possibly ever appeared was for an olympian blue 180 that listed every single fault encountered and every single self-inflicted wound on her beloved and cherished vehicle by an extraordinarily mechanically inept and clumsy owner. :D Thankfully Albert is still purring on in his reliable and trustworthy manner.
As a retailer of many used Cali's, once we became aware of the potential oil consumption issues on the 10-11 180 DSG models we decided to bypass these models. We haven't had experience of the repairs ourselves but do know several dealers who have and it is very expensive. The California has enjoyed the highest residual values by the transparency of the internet, forums, private sellers, the oil issue as hi-lighted is the unfortunate flip-side of this media.