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Sink tap not working / Opening the water tank



North East England
T5 SE 130
Afternoon. First "proper" post/thread... Working in the van this afternoon, trying to remedy the tap not working. Went through the routine as suggested by many threads.

Opening the water tank was the first challenge. Eventually, after trying to tap it, pull it, push it etc etc, stopped to give it a moment's thought and realised it was a pressure issue. Drained the tank completely and left the drain tap open. Lid subsequently came off by hand.

Tapped the tap (yes, I'd refilled the tank). Nothing.

Fuse next. 80 minutes of unbridled joy trying to a) locate the correct fuse box (under the driver's seat) b) identify fuse (the one at the top) c) extract the damned thing (back under the bonnet, next-to-useless fuse puller located, gave up, used pliers, much pirate's language involved) d) find it's blown e) try and find spare 5A fuse in the many bulb kits - not a one, further pirate's language f) try 5 shops (yet more pirate's language) until new fuses (and spares) purchased.

New fuse fitters, connections checked. Try the tap... "Bang" from the water tank. Bugger.

Went through the electrics with the multimeter, all as it ought to be, switch functioning nicely.

New pump on order. This one?? Deader than a dead thing.


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