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Visitors Tax



Olonzac (34210)
Grand California 600
Visitors tax is becoming universal. I guess it is a necessary evil. I hated applying it when I was in the holiday letting business and now I hate paying it. But I accept it. However, as a solo traveller, and this means one person of course, I object to paying for 2 people as a minimum. It means I pay double. There are rules and regulations governing the rates applied. Why should an organisation have the right to apply their own specific rates? Camping Car Parks in France want to charge me for two. Is this discrimination? Is there is something wrong here or am I being stupid?
Agreed. I find it annoying paying for 2 on campsites when I'm alone paying the same price as a family or couple. I usually take my business elsewhere but have paid it before. Same with hotel rooms and their 'single room supplements' as if its costing the hotel more for you to be alone