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What have you bought for your Cali today :-)

It was for illustration purposes only but not a bad place for it.. was thinking of dropping a door window bit and hanging from there. I’ll have a play this weekend and post some pics of the best place
Thanks for bringing to my attention, will keep an eye see if they work ok.
Fitted mine a free weeks ago and they are easy to fit once you watch the California Time video from last year. Works a treat and looks so much better.
So they are to secure awning roll then.
No, they are to hold down the 'pop top' roof when it might otherwise flap (once driving) due to failed lift mechanism locking.
Where do they go? I had one with my new Cali
Yeah they are pop top securing straps for if the pop top fails so you can still drive the Cali. Mine didn’t come with them
Visited the California Bits store in Chesterfield today, bought The latest version of the Outdoor Revolution Mosi Lantern. Seems to be really good quality, has amber light as well as white light which is apparently good for when you don’t want to attract Mosi’s.

Hi Trudy - could you give details of your carpet? A link would be great. Suitable/attractive carpet is a tricky issue for us. Thanks!
I got them from Dunelm. I bought 2 extra wide runners. Moved the bed as far forward as it would go and marked with masking tape. Then put a carpet runner either side. I had left overs for the steps too.



Not a new purchase, but I’ve just posted my 10 month review of this wireless mophie power bank on my blog. It has been faultless for extra charging power in the van and on other holidays.

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Absolutely fantastic fan.
Thanks to whomever mentioned it
SEEKR Sirocco II, 7010CABBX,...
Just made up a 2.5m cable with 12v ciggie plug and wrapped the two cables with car wiring tape.

And you can see my carpet wrapped step up to the roof.
The ideas on this forum are invaluable.
Perfect placement for the fan.
Very quiet, can put upper bed up and down. Really adjustable. And the zip things from mountain warehouse are perfect. Can see them now and pull. Brill !
A night out in Ghent Belgium 2 Cali oceans in the event Lots of street food and beer. Plus a buzz