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Genuine VW California Central Control Panel Knob & Fascia Kit

(14 customer reviews)

£47.99 Inc VAT

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Genuine Volkswagen replacement knob for the VW California SE and Ocean central control panel, also included is a replacement fascia.

Due to a design fault many control panel knobs are failing where it will not engage on a menu selection, this replacement knob will cure this problem.

Instructions available as download.

Made in Germany

Have this fitted in our store – M1 Junc 29a – More Details here – – >

Download Instructions

Download fitting instructions

Additional information

Additional information

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Genuine Volkswagen

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Reviews (14)

14 reviews for Genuine VW California Central Control Panel Knob & Fascia Kit

  1. dom1 (verified owner)

    This part is great for replacing the common fault with the control panel button.

    My suggestion would be to just sell the button alone for less money as I don’t imagine many people will need the complete fascia kit.

    More detailed instructions on how to fit this would also be useful as it’s a tricky operation and a mistake would be costly!

    • calikev

      Thanks for the feedback unfortunately the panel repair comes as a kit including the facia we can’t just sell the knob on it’s own.

  2. Kevin Grahame (verified owner)

    Easy to replace and fit once the old one is out which can prove difficult but watch the video first!
    The knob is a poor design from VW but at least you can repair it yourself with this kit. Great service and communication from the Cali Shop.

  3. Howard Allson (verified owner)

    Works perfectly, roof and all menu items work as they should.

  4. Andy Sutherland (verified owner)

    Easy kit to use to replace knob, just watch the videos first. Annoying that VW won’t just sell the knob. I’m sure there will be other off the shelf knobs that fit, maybe that can be looked into..??

  5. Graeme (verified owner)

    Kit was as described, and many thanks to Shayne at Campervanbits for helping edit my order.

    You’ll need a special Torx tool when you get to remove the circuit board piece (watch the beginning of the video and the exact tool is mentioned I think). I managed to use a small screwdriver in lieu of the tool to remove the circuit board. Once it’s all in pieces then you realise that the replacement panel that you thought you didn’t really need in addition to the knob is there because it’s easy to damage the threads on the old panel as you remove the circuit board. So this is where you’ll need the Torx tool to be able to more easily screw the self-threading screws into the new control panel.

    Having said that, I managed to gently re-screw my old panel (and new knob) back together and all seems nice and attached.

    I was quite an easy job overall although getting the unit out (I used a bent plastic card) and then re-attaching the ribbon cables was a bit fiddly. You’ll also damage a special “warrant void” sticker on the back of the unit if you open it up – so if your unit is still in warranty then probably not a risk worth taking. On the other hand, there was a replacement warrant sticker in the pack I got, so who knows!

  6. tony3 (verified owner)

    Replacement rotary knob is working nicely – thanks for saving me £800+ by not buying a new console unit!

    Was a bit fiddly to get console out and you need right Torx screwdriver (I think it was Torx-6). Worth perservering though as next time it will be much easier.

  7. Ian Butterworth (verified owner)

    This has made the control panel on our 2017 Ocean so much easier to use. The 2 videos make this into a job for mere mortals. Having said that it is a fiddly job which is better tackled when you are relaxed! I used a small screwdriver to release the catches to drop the panel out. The purple clip holding the main electrical connection was extremely tight and needs treating with care. I had to buy a small torx screwdriver set to remove the circuit board (£8.99 from Toolstation).

  8. Alan (verified owner)

    Like everybody else, i have mixed feelings! Happy to have knob fixed and happy not to have paid £800 for a whole new unit, but disappointed to to pay £40+ for what must be tuppence worth of plastic!
    The videos helped a lot but you do need a Torx 6 screwdriver and also something to prize off the top tangs of of the fascia. I used a chopped up credit card (thus saving myself a fortune in the long run!)
    The actual fix was straightforward until I couldn’t get the screws to tighten fully again as my torx 6 screwdriver rounded off the heads. Maybe I have a bad screwdriver because no one else mentions any trouble.
    So, in summary, if like me l, you are becoming increasing anxious about the knob failing somewhere and you risk getting stuck with the roof up, then get this kit and change the knob. Believe me, if I can do it, you can do it!

  9. david_j_ashcroft (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Does exactly what it says on the box, solves the problem of a slipping control panel knob.
    It feels a bit scary taking the unit out but follow the instructions and it’s all very straightforward.

  10. cookecarey (verified owner)

    Original Control Panel Knob is of a flimsy design / manufacture and had failed, I was aware that I would receive a Genuine VW Part but how naive of me to think the design would have been improved by VW by now. That said, the parts received are correct, do the job, the knob was easy & straightforward to fit following this site’s instruction and works well so far. Time will tell. Top Tip -When separating the two parts of the case, work carefully & methodically, workspace is confined, but working carefully there is no need to unclip the two internal ribbons to gain access. Also even with purchasing a small Tx6 in a Tx set cost only £11-ish from a national outlet & overall, DIY was well worth the massive saving over getting the job done by VW. Bonus #1 – On re-assembly it all worked, first time, as expected. Bonus#2 I have a spare fascia!

  11. Nick (verified owner)

    Order received on time.
    As other reviewers have mentioned I only needed the button but I now have a spare facia.
    I watched the video a few times before plucking up the courage to go ahead. Just make sure the circuit board is in good contact with all the buttons when replacing the unit.

  12. davidcopeland3 (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly, and works a treat. I did remove he ribbons and put the new fascia on, as it was quite expensive, when it is just the knob that needed replacing. The hardest and most fiddly thing was removing it out of vehicle. The video I watched did not show me the most suitable tool for the lower clips that needed depressing. Having removed it I now know the whereabouts of the clips and how best to remove it. I would attach a photo of the unit removed to show it, but I can’t. Maybe it would be useful to show the item removed to help. Overall very happy.

  13. davesuttle (verified owner)

    Product arrived quickly and the videos were very helpful. If your knob is beginning to become loose (nasty!), buy this as it will almost certainly solve the problem.

  14. Steven Hagger (verified owner)

    This is an excellent product, fitting is tricky but possible and the videos on the product page are really helpful. Thanks for getting stock in and sending it out so quickly for me when I was desperate to get hold of one.

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