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Apple Carplay (and VW CAR-Net AppConnect Mirrorlink) What's it all about?

@bosonbcn Yes I've created a separate thread on smart phone mirroring over here to keep this one on the topic of CarPlay :thumb
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Edit: More info on smart phone mirroring can be found in this thread[/QUOTE]
Many thanks AndyFromTheBrac for the detailed review. This came in very handy for me as all my manuals fpr the T6 are in German...and i speak zero German. Comparing between this system and the kenwood crap that i was sold on the T5, this is by far many miles ahead. In fact leap years. VW seem to have done a great job although its early days with the usage...(2 days actually) it does seem promising. Thanks alot!
With thanks to Andy and Fred, I've finally decided to go for it! Just today ordered the Alpine iLX700 with the fitting kit Fred gave details of. I've decided to just go for steering wheel controls without the display on the headunit for parking sensors etc. We manage fine with just the audible warnings now and I couldn't justify the extra expense to myself. I'm not going for the reversing camera either Fred.

So I'm hoping my lad might be on the install before the end of the week. The head unit is the last link in the chain of my all Alpine system - can't wait!
I've installed this CarPlay unit, but into my VW Golf

Not my car but this is it in a T5


It's cheaper than the Alpine at around £280

Quick review of CarPlay and pro's and cons.


Works great when it works, fantastic even, though it is pretty flaky, sometimes Siri doesn't come up, sometimes Apps (Spotify) refuse to play music, shutting down the Apps on the phone and plugging in again does sort this.

The navigation is good, although I make sure I play my route before I go in case I go offline.

Pro's and Con's of this Pioneer vs the Alpine:


Cheaper than Alpine, over £150 cheaper
Bluetooth built in, this was big for me, this means you can answer / make calls without plugging your phone in, plus play music etc.


Doesn't have a physical Siri button, the Alpine does and I can see why it can be needed as finding the little home button and holding it down whilst you're driving isn't that easy

Personally think the Alpine unit looks nicer.

Will feedback more later, only had the unit in a few days, loving the Golf (2010 GT TDI) as a change to the Cali (will always love that Cali more of course!)
I considered this model too, the other major pro for the Pioneer is that it can also work with selected Android phones (google auto)
The major downside for me was that it has no CAN bus integration (so no parking sensor display, climate etc)
I originally wanted bluetooth, but then realised this isn't a really big deal, as to use the head unit with CarPlay you have to plug the phone in anyway :thumb
So after a 3-week tour of France, Italy, Austria and Germany I can confirm that CarPlay works flawlessly and is especially lovely with the ACSI app. Find a campsite, see the ratings and tap the route planner option. Done! Really a superb driving companion with podcasts of my favourite radio shows downloaded on campsite wifi

Doesn't use an awful lot of data for the mapping either. Typically about 20mb for a 4-hr drive
I am seriously considering a carplay as my next stereo. My Gfs new Seat has a great stereo and the interface for music is what really got my attention.

Add in always upto date maps (over data) and the message interface etc and its a winner. Once there is a decent dab one I will maybe move over.
Once there is a decent dab one I will maybe move over.

The Alpine I have has a dab option, I thought about it but waited (it's a plug-in module) and as I'm using data for everything now, I don't think I'll bother.