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Beach vs Ocean



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To should read it's....

It is advertised under the calis for sale. Last one at the botttom of the page.


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Cook on the Patio at home, I presume then. Wouldn't want the house smelling.:thumb
Usually switch the extractor on.
Hmm, that could be an interesting mod for the Ocean-liners ;)

O/P don't read too much into what's been said. We all love the Beach vs Ocean debate round here.

Absolutely try and hire one before parting with your hard earned cash.
At the end of the day, only you can answer this question for yourself sensibly :happy


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Hi all,

I'm trying to decide between the Beach and the Ocean. We are a family of 3 (with an 18 month old) with Baby #2 on the way (eeek)!

I'm not convinced by the narrow width bed in the Ocean (if used by adults) or by cooking inside the van with toddlers around so I'm leaning towards the Beach. But having a fridge and cooker built in seems very convenient but then saying that I'm more than happy to cook outside.

Which do you think is better for a family of four; a Beach or an Ocean?

This is my first contribution to the 'Beach v Ocean' debate and most of the points raised in the thread (the pros and cons of each) are very valid according to your specific needs. We are a family of 4, two boys aged 10 and 12. Our only regret is not buying a Cali earlier, though you could argue that with very young children it will be a tougher existence than with slightly older children.

We bought the Beach because it offers us greater flexibility. It can be switched into 'Caravelle mode' (7 seats) in minutes - which opens up a whole heap of extra possibilities for days trips / school runs etc. We can take friends camping (and have done). The lower bed is big enough for three easily and four at a push - if you needed to sleep on a really weather-battered night without popping the top. I'd read / heard of many people never cooking in their Ocean that I concluded there was little point FOR A FAMILY OF FOUR of being limited to a four seater (though you can add an extra single seat) and carrying around a gas cylinder, hob, sink and a fridge when using it as an every day vehicle.

I can live without being able to make a cuppa tea from my bed, but I can see why couples might prefer the cosiness of the Ocean, the storage cupboards etc. Indeed, I'm sure the wife and I would love having an Ocean and touring Europe (without the kids) but the Beach's flexibility seemed to offer more benefits for our intended usage. Once you've had a Cali Beach or Ocean (or T-anything conversion) going back to 'Tent-life' would be very hard, as Cali life just encourages you to try new places all the time, even moving every night sometimes.

Cooking outside is not a problem. Cooking inside a Beach is easy enough too. You can buy a fridge or coolbox and have bottled water and a washing up bowl.

You will still need to buy a driveaway awning if you want to do a pre-booked week at May half term or in the summer hols in the UK (as the weather could be awful at any time) but your bigger decision, in my humble opinion, is will you get most benefit from a Cali (or T conversion) now or when your children are a little older?

Good luck!