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Bella's 2nd (Last) holiday



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Hitched up and ready to go, early tomorrow.

We got the news that a Tumour had burst Bella's anal Glands, serious infection, only weeks to live, last February.

We took her to Ferry meadows for her last holiday. 6 days of new paths, lakes, woods, streams seemed to rejuvenate her. So much that what we brought home was a geriatric puppy! She seemed to gain a new lease of life.

We wanted to take her back in May, but stopping over at Warwick on the way and I broke my wrist and hand so that put an end to that!

Well, miracle dog is all ready for the off tomorrow. We are under no illusions. the "Six weeks" has been 16 weeks and so grateful for that. The tumour is growing and we can only see the tip of the iceberg. However thanks to diligent cleaning with hibitaine night and day the infection is held at bay and she has so much life to live. This is her next "Holiday blog" ... starting where else? Ferry Meadows tomorrow :)Readytogo.jpg