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Buying Beach 6.1 a mistake...

I found the German dealers a total waste of time. Even after calling two in person from the USA several times I could never get a response or a quote. In the end went with
Yep. What is the view on the LED versus H7. Two considerations here again. Long term, the h7 will be cheap to maintain and run. The LED could be costly I assume LED are not replacable and the whole headlight will not changing? Second, is the H7 good enough?
The H7 lights on my 6.1 Coast are poor, look cheap and will be replaced when something that is LED and not thousands comes out. Rest of spec 100% happy but headlight option an error. The H7’s blind drivers in UK the LEDS flat light pattern so ok for all trips
Great minds! speak to Uli

Will upgrade all bulbs if needed, I’m tempted by fitting driving lights (ie ones that dip and undip) plus maybe a “throw” long distance centre spot, popular in Sweden

Definitely buying the £2.99 fairy lights off Amazon in lieu of the £726 vw camping “concept” interior LED option...


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Rally arches are on my Coast!

I was a bit skeptical when you first described all the things you wanted to do but the result is fantastic. Well done!
Just a teeny IMHO having spent a wonderful summer in our 6.1 Beach, mainly in Denmark. As a small family with dog we have concluded , contrary to my Beach pride previous postings, that we made a mistake :sorry. Apologies too for the lack of recent postings, new job, new house, life has been chaos but good chaos.

We love Cali life - no regrets but this model isn't for us. We want kitchen smells, a teeny fridge and dont need the whopper bed downstairs nor the double sliding doors. We don't like camping for long periods. It only works for us for one or two nights max. As a Covid busting, beachside, Euro Tour holiday wagon a Cali cannot be beaten but we dont want to set up a scout camp every time we stop.

The Beach's NavPro is dire, VW connect wifi a rip off, we dont need extra inside and outside LED's, nor extra front and rear lights and dont like the black interior. And what genius made the roof black on the Tour edition? Someone that enjoys poaching young children? And to add insult to sticky toddlers...the front canvas doesnt open? What's this? Prison spec?

Traction on the 2wd 6.1's ( even on the fabulous Michelin Cross tyres) is scrabblingly poor, especially when loaded.

I want a 230v hook up ( optional and not on mine...Zzzz) and two seats that swivel rather than our one. The table doesn't swing up, it's in the door and is poorly designed for stowage. So we've sold the 6.1 Beach Tour. The supplying dealer called me up and offered me 3% less than I paid new for it so I can avoid the DVLA registration nightmare and road tax cost. Goodbye Bubble Beach 6.1. Hello Bubble Coast 6.1View attachment 68904

Have ordered for March 2021 delivery. I need a no silly extras specification to keep the residual healthy.

LHD DSG 4motion Coast with
  • Pale wooden floor that matches the pale Coast cabinets
  • Front canvas window
  • Auxiliary heater no remote
  • Plug in 230v
  • Comfort mattress
  • 80L tank
  • Cheapest parking option with front and rear sensors and camera
  • Rubber mats
  • Climatronic
  • Acoustic tinted glass
  • Free red paint, will wrap the top half in white

I've kept my moon disc alloy wheels with tyres too to swap over...I'll be putting up a pile of Beach only accessories for sale soon.

Don't tell my wife that I have admitted that I was wrong, we're out of smelling salts but just thought I'd post the post that I'd like to have read before buying our Beach 6.1. IMHO.
But didn't it have the pop out mini gas burner, also I thought the hook up was standard on 6.1 model. I wouldn't do without our ki g bed, but that's our choice
But didn't it have the pop out mini gas burner, also I thought the hook up was standard on 6.1 model. I wouldn't do without our ki g bed, but that's our choice
Not on Beach Tour, that has sliding doors both sides.