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CarNet Syncing Issue

Kris Emery

Kris Emery

T6 Ocean 150
Having trouble getting data uploaded from the CarNet app on the T6 upto the VW site. I have had it working and the van status uploaded - but I can't get it to do it anymore.

My configuration in the T6 is iPhone hotspot - use WLAN settings to connect to Hotspot - all OK. Go into CarNet App and everything is happy I can see that CarNet is connected to the Internet and using it.

On the VW CarNet site I can go into my last report (Sep 2019) and request a new report (Neue Bericht erstellen) which I have done in advance of using the T6 CarNet App.

But it does not pull up a new report for me! I have repeated the process several times without success.

Any ideas? Is there some specific button I should be pressing in the CarNdet app?