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Freedom Camping - a new site finder



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I was looking on line for Broad Park Camping near Bideford which was a CL site for the Camping & Caravan Club and couldn't locate it from saved shortcuts.
I then found the Freedom Camping Club which is free to join and seems to be taking a lot of the smaller 5 pitch sites from the two big clubs.
Broad Park is here as are others that I have used from the C&CC. Broad Park site was on the C&CC online list, but has now been removed so I expect a number of other sites might go from their online list as well.
I joined Freedom Camping yesterday and they ask what type of camping unit you have, tent, caravan, motorhome, or other.
They don't mention campervan. I emailed them to ask if they could add that category as some of the CL sites we have been to it could be difficult or impossible for a caravan or larger motorhome to get to. The lanes are too narrow for larger vehicles or towing vehicles. This was part of the attraction for us as they tended to be quieter and less commercialised.

Membership of Freedom Camping is free and from their map they seem to have a lot of sites on their lists.
I don't know if campsites can be on their list and the C&MC or C&CC ones as well so if a favourite CL site has disappeared from the bigger clubs list, check on Freedom Camping.

Very interesting. Like the small sites.