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Gas bottle

Yep got it now. I have a bottle in the van so I’ve ordered a digital suitcase scale to weigh it and see how much is on it then I’ll use what’s in it then find a supplier and swap for a full one. This is all new to me but very exiting. How much should I be paying for a full bottle on an exchange basis?
£50. 00
Don't forget that most places will not accept a bottle in exchange without the screw in handle. The can be bought on ebay for around a fiver if you haven't got one.
I had to buy one of these as I couldn’t find it anywhere in the Cali. £5.99 from eBay
Result…..I weighed my gas bottle with my new suitcase scales and new screw in handle and it weighs 6.24KG so almost full……
I fitted a longer hose with a quick release adapter as per this thread.

You don't have to rely on Camping Gaz and can use your bottle easily outside when you can't use charcoal.

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