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California Club Meet HIGHLANDS END DORSET 27th – 29th September 2019

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Event start date: Friday 27-09-2019
Event end date: Sunday 29-09-2019
Registration ends: Friday 27-09-2019
Username Guest count Note
Jabberwocky Jabberwocky 2  
Loz Loz 2  
Calimagg Calimagg 2  
J Jane C 2  
SimonB SimonB 2  
john eagle john eagle 2 Two humans plus Eddie the Schnauzer
Bumble Bumble 2 Plus Daisy the Border Terrier
Bobthebus Bobthebus 4 2 adults 2 kids + 1 dog
Whistler Whistler 2  
daz60 daz60 2 Have booked hard standing for 4 nights wife needed to be by facilites
A Asprin 2  
D Downdave 1 Hi Everybody just booked in my first Cali. Meet. See you Colin
Speleo62 Speleo62 2  
A alison 1  
C CGG 2 just registered, may arrive late friday evening or early saturday
Docsu Docsu 1 Plus Ozzi spaniel
NC19 NC19 2 Just booked up - our first one of these too. Nick + Channy
Mr T Mr T 1  
Tamanddave Tamanddave 2  
A few images courtesy of @SimonB

Good to see some pic's , have a great meet !
Shame some are cancelling due the weather .
The first picture where we were meant to be on South Rye Acres. Looks very nice on a sunny lunchtime but it was so windy there the flag was not even flapping just straight out.

The wardens were great and liaised with the office to move us to pitches with a bit of shelter. It made all the difference and now the flag is flapping and waving in the breeze and we can put the roof up. The Cali-Wrap was great and kept it really warm, stopped a lot of the canvas flapping too.
They opened up this area for us which is where many of the visitors went.
Some took advantage of sheltered little spots so they could get their awning up.
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We managed to get our awning up but with 2 sets of tie down kits that were screwed into the grass as pegs or spikes were just not strong enough.
We had a meal in here both nights, but as the wind was getting up on Saturday night and forecast to be 55mph+ we ate early and took the awning down with 4 holding it as 2 dismantled it.
Good fun and a good time was had. Last September it was great weather. Just the luck of the draw.
I think I prefer the snow if you have to have inclement weather. It was better in June this year when we stayed and the sun shone all weekend.
With that cauldron in the middle of the table, it looks like a witches' covern!

Did you have eye of newt with lizards gizzards etc etc? :thumb
With that cauldron in the middle of the table, it looks like a witches' covern!

Did you have eye of newt with lizards gizzards etc etc? :thumb

Probably it was Janes chilli on Friday night. You’ve got to get protein from where you can

Definitely the windiest we’ve been in, at least outside.

Late decision Saturday night and took the roof down before I got sea sick. Good news is with rear into the wind they can take a severe blow. Issue was safety first, less rocking and getting some kip.

Thanks to all especially Simon for arranging.

Difficult to get round everyone as survival was an issue but had a pleasant walk to Bridport on the Saturday.

Looks like a great turnout. Did the Marco Polo people touch base with anybody?
Arrived Friday night, tried to find somewhere to park in the dark. Seemed to have missed anything that was going on re: a rally!
Well, looking at he BBC weather forecast they quote 53 mph at 03:00hrs. I think we will be sleeping “downstairs” as a precaution. I also think “tails” to the wind would be prudent especially if you need to leave your roof up (more than two of you and no awning). As for awnings? Find a sheltered pitch, if you can, and use your own judgement if it a good idea to leave pitched. It’s going to be an interesting night!

Somehow this forecast reminds me at a certain Danish meet last year – hope you all where fine :)
Friday night was interesting but not as bad as that famous night in Romo with leaking roofs and canvas’s. That said Saturday night was a real rock and roller with winds gusting to 55mph (88kph). Most if not all vans, Calis and MP’s, had tails to wind so leaks were less common. I only heard of one incident of “drips”. We are now on the Isle of White after taking the ferry at lunch time today! Captain ordered all passengers to sit down and not use the stairways until we were in the shelter of Cowes harbour. It was still very windy. Calmed down now so hopefully get a better nights sleep tonight......zzzzzzzzzz!

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