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California Club Meet Dorset Club Meet - 28 Sep 2018

Looks great can I ask which pitch number you are on for future reference?
Pitches 13 16 19 21 23 have the best views. Maybe also 25 27 29 but there is some foliage. We were on 17, which still had views but can be obstructed by other units. 45F58993-9D57-4FE5-948D-90571E8E0280.jpeg
Nice pics Bobajob! Including a very nice one of our 1971 Early Bay on the site when we popped down to have a look on Saturday afternoon. We admired your van (along with many others) - sorry we didn’t get to meet you but well done on actually going for a swim!
Many thanks to Martin, Kev, Simon and anyone else involved for organising a great weekend! :thumb

Agreed! Thanks for your hard work fellas. Had an excellent weekend on our first meet of many. Didn’t get round to see as many vans as we’d hoped but thanks to all who stopped and talked to us.

Thanks to @Mart123blue and @Amarillo for your toasties, stories and great company. Our boys played great together! Looking forward to the next one!


Oscar apologises for being highly strung, the excitement was too much for him!

I would like to add Mine and Mrs W's thanks to the organisers of the meet. It was a a great experience for 1st time attendees. We got a fantastic amount out of it, including

A chance to look at and talk about some thing we are looking to buy, thanks @Motorcyclist
Buy a 25 Metre Hookup cable from @Calihunter after we arrived and couldn't park the way we wanted because our cable was too short.
Have a great time at the quiz having formed a team with 2 strangers (Kevin and Caroline)
Even had someone come up and ask a question about the setup of our Cali - That possibly made our weekend :)
And then just the random conversations you have with a great bunch of people

Again many thanks
As with all club meets took advantage of seeing some of the local area and it was stunning. Pete Pope at Bridport Street festival was excellent (what a voice), I'm still trying to find him on You Tube! The local Choir singing songs from Phantom at the Town Hall were a bonus. Yet again gained some more tips on the Cali and discovered things I need to buy :(
Well done guys, you know who you are :)

A few more random shots from a packed weekend

P9270011.jpg Beachx1.png Beachx2.png Beach X3.png Beach X4.jpg Beachx6.png Beach7.png Beach8.png Beach10.png
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A huge thank you from Rik & Terri to the organising team. Great work!
Also a big thank you to Lynn for organising the quiz. Great job everyone.
We had a throughly enjoyable time meeting and chatting to both new and old friends about our Calis and adventures. Fantastic relaxing weekend - good for the soul.
Thanks again.
See you next time as they say but don’t forget the Tall Trees meet in November. Already we have 16 Calis booked up. I will be posting some more information about arrangements in the next week or so. Until then stay safe.
7DE2E90C-DE89-408C-B16E-4D4A1B4275F9.jpeg 7DE2E90C-DE89-408C-B16E-4D4A1B4275F9.jpeg C016FF92-C294-41CF-B045-AFBDE76FC475.jpeg 09EADD95-55A9-49CE-B425-A8CF4F8B5D4B.jpeg Great weekend thanks everyone and lovely to meet those that we did in the short time available. Home via Portland Bill. Looking forward to Bolsover already. H & X
Thank you for organising this weekend, the children, Nick and I had a fabulous time at our first meet. Thank you also to Simon for helping us solve our bed related issue - i’ll Be back to VW tomorrow! :)



IMG_0037.JPG Misty has had a post camp brush, and I've chucked another log on the fire just for good luck.

Forgot to mention the brief chats with Boris et al at the washing up area.

See you soon. :bananadance2
We had a wonderful weekend, thanks so much for organising. Thanks also to @Cali-on-Camping and +Mart123blue for your wonderful hospitality with Ben and Jack at and in and on your vans. And @GillianC - Ben loves the sunflower and is treating in properly; unfortunately Jack dismembered your gift to hm within an embarrassingly short period of time!

We were also "home" cookers:
- Spaghetti Bolognese Friday night
- Bacon sandwiches Saturday morning
- Cheese and ham toasties Saturday lunch
- Sausages and salads Saturday dinner
- Bacon sandwiches Sunday morning
Plus a plate of chips to see us through the quiz.
Just arrived home and would like to send our thanks to Martin, Kev, Simon, in fact all concerned for organising another superb weekend. Weather, company, site, scenery and organisation all perfect. :thumb:thumb:thumb:thumb:thumb:thumb:thumb:thumb:thumb:thumb:thumb
Thanks to @Martin and the team for booking the weather for this weekend, it was great to meet some new faces and catch up with old ones :thumb:thumb
Pitches 13 16 19 21 23 have the best views. Maybe also 25 27 29 but there is some foliage. We were on 17, which still had views but can be obstructed by other units. View attachment 38467
Thanks Colin, great info. We will definitely be visiting this site in the future, looks fab. :thumb:thanks
Just a big thank you to lynne & Gillian for arranging the quiz and every one that took part
In a lighthearted way we managed to raise £90 for this wonderful charity. Thanks everyone
Hi everyone,
We want to also thank you all for a great weekend, a lot of fun, the effort gone into the quiz, the top tips and generally meeting such friendly and welcoming people on our first camping meet.

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