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Oil Comsumption / Engine Problems with 2010/2011 Cali's



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T5 SE 180
My 2010 180 DSG...51000 miles.

Last few trips (it's hardly been used last few years) it's using oil...last couple of trips it's gone from full dipstick to nothing on dipstick and oil warning light in approx 350 miles....expensive but is this undue cause for concern ?

Anybody else for similar experiences ...?

That is NOT normal.
You either have an oil leak, in which case there should be some evidence on the floor or in the engine bay, or the vehicle is burning oil at a significant rate.
Either way you should have it checked out ASAP.

Normal oil usage on these engines is about 1 Litre / 12,000 + miles.
I see...just starting my trip...several oooo miles long...I guess if I keep topped up and don't press the engine I maybe will be evidence of a leak as I think it's burning it while on the go.....
Your choice. I trust you have adequate holiday vehicle cover?

As no sign of a leak...if I do the old 1970s thing and check each morning and feed it likely to be OK...?

About 3500 miles to go till I end up in Portugal...tight schedule of races to take in...and in my experience if we all think UK dealers are bad...think again.....!
The problem is the old engines burnt oil because the mechanical tolerances weren't very good. Modern engines are built by robots and have tolerances measured to 0.01mm or less and so use very little oil.
Something has happened in your engine. What, I don't know.
Personally, I would get it checked. If not I would check oil levels every 100 miles as it may get worse over time/milage.
Some interesting reading.
Thanks Welshgas....

I know the VW dealer at Bologna and may try there...but also there may be one where I am headed tomorrow at Trier...Germany.....

Damn n Blast....
Let us know what transpires?
I would expect smoke if it is burning that much. Fords used to get sticky hydraulic valve lifters years ago, if they were not used regularly. Hopefully thIs is something like that and it just needs a good run. Is the fuel economy as it used to be? And the temperatures? Fingers crossed for you!
I'm having similar experience and mine has 66000 miles on it. Just back from a 1600 mile trip and had to top up on route. Fuel wise I'm in the low 20s, but fully loaded and 4 bikes, thought I'd do better!
I will be keeping a close eye on it as I think it's excessive.
No smoke from exhaust and MPG normal and was getting low 30s on a run today. Coolant gauge 90c and Oil temp says 101c.....
Took van to the main dealer at Trier...service manager had a look and says exhaust appears ok and no sign of a leak...has advised me to drive on and monitor under different conditions in order to see if there are differences...I will see as the trip goes on...WRC Germany...let's GO...
Sounds like it has fixed itself to me. Onwards and upwards. Enjoy your holidays!!
Latest on my problems are that yesterday while driving the 'Glow Plug' warning light started flashing with a message saying 'take to workshop' and again this afternoon the same happened after about 10 miles of driving. Coolant temp is a steady 90c as it has always been and Oil temp ranges when warm from 95c to 105c depending on how engine is worked. Van still drinking oil.

Got back to Trier and will visit the VW dealer in the morning. Clearly I can't drive on until the issue(s) are diagnosed and fixed.

Any ideas ?

If you're using oil at that rate and there is no smoke visible then the DPF must be catching it, although the glow plug symbol isn't for the DPF, that has its own warning light.
Still doesn't answer where the oil is being burnt, im guessing turbo seals or piston/bore problems:( neither very good news I'm afraid.
Been to VW at Trier...warning light is due to a broken sensor number 3 on the exhaust. Parts ordered and will be fixed on I can continue on my Race Meet trip as planned.

Oil usage is not connected to the warning light. They suggest having it resolved when back in UK..with UK dealer asking VW for a route of changing what parts until the issue is found. Also that VW should be asked to make a major contribution towards the costs due to my vans age and miles covered.

Also picked up Der Neue California Brochure and Pricelist....
Hope everything holds together till you get back.
Being selfish for a moment what's Trier like? We're planning on having an overnight stop there on our way south in a couple of weeks

Sent from my Galaxy S6's very nice and is Germany's oldest city. Lovely historic centre and good tourist office. 1pm each a walking tour can be had with an English guide..6.50e book at Porta Nigra tourist office. good and by the river and an easy walk into town
Cheers for the info. Yes treviris is the site we were planning on staying at. We haven't booked any sites on our hols as they're all saying they'll have plenty of space so might stay there an extra night if it's nice

Sent from my Galaxy S6
Had the sensor number 3 changed today after wrong part arriving yesterday.

Arrived at a rainy Nurburgring now. my oil consumption...the dealer at Trier has had 3 T5.1s which have had replacement engines due to oil consumption issues, apparently it's a known VW issue. I am going to email my UK dealer ASAP and ask him to log the issue. Hope VW will make a big goodwill gesture towards costs as clearly to rectify they will be high.
<gulp> can't believe we haven't heard of this before if it is real...
Is the Cali really fit for purpose...?

Surely it's meant to be a camper that can be used over an extended time and for high mileage ?

Mine is 2010 and with just over 50K on the clock. Apart from the normal ongoing niggling problems I have had two EGR replacements and now it seems I will need a new engine at a cost of over 7K. All my breakdowns have been in Europe and have caused a high degree of strain to me.

Mine is DSG and I have never used it in manual mode. So how can it be that my Cali has wrecked it's engine.

Seems I have two options....

1. A new engine with hopefully VW picking up the tab with a sizeable amount of goodwill.

2. Or if VW play hardball simply carry on using it and feed it oil as required.

Either way this leaves a bitter taste in respect of a vehicle that I paid in excess of 52K for in 2010.
I don't understand why they are saying you need a new engine. If the Cali is running OK apart from the oil consumption there can't anything really major wrong. Sounds like they can't be bothered to find the cause.
Bit like Granny Jens problems. Probably something fairly simple in the end.
I would be inclined to take it to a diesel specialist and let them have a good look at it before committing to a complete new motor.
Worn bores should show up on a compression test, easy enough to check that.
Is it smoking a lot?
If you look at the link WelshGas..has pointed out all is revealed....

And VWTrier have pointed out that it will not smoke due to the filters in the exhaust catching it......

I am LESS than impressed with all this...where has VW reliability gone....?
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