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Pop top repair Somerset



T5 SE 140
Hi All,

Hope you can help.
We picked up our Cali on Wednesday & dealer pointed out a couple tears in pop top canvas where it had gotten caught in the scissors.

They have suggested we get it repaired ourselves & they will cover costs.

Where is the best place to go in Somerset?

Thanks in advance
How bad is it? Most used Calis have some small nicks or holes from this. To repair professionally (machined) it will need to come off entirely - and then go back on and that risks further issues from a ham-fisted installer...

If minor it might be best to take it on the chin or repair with some Tear Aid?
Thank you! They are only minor. To be honest I’m guessing they weren’t planning on paying for it to be machined. I will invest in some tear aid.
Have you got a pic? If they don't have to pay for fixing it try and scrounge some goodwill out of them in another way! ;)

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