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2021 Coast rear suspension sagging ?

Sounds like air suspension would be the best option to suit all your requirements.
Air suspension has its issues and introduces more complexity and potential failure points and I don’t like the amount of alterations that would be needed to fit system.But I can imagine the ride would be good it was on my discovery 4.
It’s all about ground clearance for me it’s ok having a low van if you keep too good roads not so good if you need to leave them.
That's right, I won't bother though. Some of the explanations here I don’t even understand :D
Anyway: my cali does not change and stays standard as ‘it comes from the cali factory’ but this has more to do with the Belgian regulations about changes to your vehicle; the look of someone's cali is up to everyone to decide for themselves; that the stance looks at least bizarre is for me undeniable, but that's it.
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