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Beware Brittany Ferries - it’s a customer service disaster zone at the moment.

I wouldn't want to go 1st class even if you paid the extra for
me Pete, business class is enough for anyone.
Now your of topic :offtopic :offtopic
The topic is Brittany Ferries, their awful customer service and costs..If you don’t sail or have never sailed with BF how could you comment? People will still need and want to travel after this pandemic is over..Who is going to do the Uk to Spain run if Brittany Ferries pulls out..Even a company like P&O couldn’t continue..Others have tried and failed.. If you’ve ever sailed from Spain you will know that there are many many very large trucks which make the trip a couple of times a week not just Joe blogs and his camper van...Over the short term they may well cut some routes but go out of business? Very doubtful..
I was up to date on this thread on BF, I can’t see where the bun fight started, have posts benn deleted?