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How to hold down your awning legs without pegs



T6 Beach 150
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This is my solution to holding the awning firm in windy weather where you can’t peg it down. It is also good for keeping awning legs out the way of dogs on leads. But you cant open the drivers door without putting the leg on the floor and
drunk people do try to walk into them. It’s an expensive option as I upgraded the awning legs to the three piece ones (you can get from the club shop) but worth it for me.
This is genius. No need to even pack it away when you drive somewhere

The Fat Controller

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I am absolutely loving this. Looking to copy (sincerest form of flattery and all that....).

I believe I've found the seasucker mount and wall brackets you're referring to, looks like a straightforward enough fix - hopefully!

Curious about strength in that position. I mean i guess the wall brackets existence suggests the awning is designed to be used in this way but I'm thinking about how having the legs at that angle offers less support in the vertical plane. Do you see increased movement in the awning when used like this would you say?

Also quick question on the legs if you don't mind. You reference 3 part legs which I can't find and it seems like my standard ones would be long enough to reach back to the van when fully extended. Am I missing something here?

Many thanks, loving your work!!

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