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California Club Meet SLIMBRIDGE CALIFORNIA MEET 2021 Fri 24-Sun 26th of September

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Had a lovely weekend. It was great to meet everyone. Lovely campsite and friendly folk ( and dogs!). Many thanks Simon for organising it, looking forward to next year already. Hope all had a safe journey.
Steve and Sue
Thank you all for coming, I hope you all had a good time & a good journey home. I made it 20 Californias in all with 3 others elsewhere on the main campsite who had no idea we were there. Thanks to Tom Downie for showing people over his Grand California and the couple with a Coast who popped in for an hour or so with their new vehicle.
A few photos of what we did. A boat trip yesterday to Purton where a lot of concrete barges were beached to protect the wall of the canal from being eroded by the River Severn.
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Once again, a big thanks to Simon for organising another superb Shepherd Patch meet.

What a great weekend with friends both old and new. Great weather and great photos. :thumb :thanks
Another vote of Thanks to Simon for organising the weekend. It is a really good site. Mrs Whistler was making noises about going back later.

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Another thumbs up for Simon. My first Cali meet and what a great weekend. Kids and I thoroughly enjoyed it and we even managed to squeeze in a spot of canoeing:)
Looks amazing.
Sorry I couldn’t join you.
Lets hope that the weather is as kind next weekend
Thanks again Simon, a great meet and nice to see old and new owners.
Arrived home to find every local garage out of fuel………..not sure how we’ll get to Lechlade next week!
Thoroughly enjoyed our first club meet, look forward to many more. Many thanks to Simon for arranging everything.
Very enjoyable staying here again - thanks for your company. Also a big thanks to @SimonB for the organising. Hope you all got home safely without drama over the fuel shortages too. I noticed that the roads were far quieter than I expected - I guess a lot of folks were in fuel station queues or just had their vehicles sat in their driveways or garages. Anyhow, currently we are planning to go to Lechlade next weekend as we have never been before and have sufficient fuel for the return trip. Until the next time!
Lovely to catch up with you all over the weekend, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Thank you Simon for organising, looking forward to the next one
Glenn and Joy

Thank you for the invite Simon and sorry to miss this one. (We were out of UK). Hope to get to another one and catch up with old friends. G & J
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